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Odell Beckham out of Control and The Giants seem small to stop him

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Odell Beckham Jr. is breath taking to watch play. He does things that make you go…he didn’t really do that did he? The one handed catches, the way he blows by cornerbacks as thought they are not moving , he makes it look easy even though we all know it isn’t. Yet on Sunday Odell Beckham Jr. made you go he really didn’t do that did he? And before you think I am jumping all on him alone … nope sorry, Tom Coughlin, the refs , and h Norman were all to blame for this battle royal, this WWE Body Slam dressed as a football game.

Coughlin did nothing to calm his player down. Unless his eyesight really failed him he didn’t get control of his player and it cost him the game, the player the team and ultimately it will cost Coughlin his job because one thing I learned long time ago was perception is reality and the perception on Sunday was Coughlin lost control of his team. If You are getting beat by 28 points and you finally get to the quarterback and sack him how do you then do a dance? Seroiusly. Ayers did just that and he continued playing . Should have been given a seat on the bench. You’re losing by 28 points you don’t dance after making the only play you make all game. That’s one example. If the first round didn’t get Coughlin’s attention with Beckham Jr. vs Norman Body slam then once Beckham sphered Norman, that should have earned Beckham a seat on the bench for the rest of the game. maybe even for the next game too.  The one play in which he dropped a sure touchdown is the play he  became unglued from that moment on.

Coughlin is big on discipline, so where was it on this given Sunday? Coughlin has been known to get in players faces for blown assignments or not keeping their composure so where was his rage and fire on Sunday? Other than Eli OBJ is his best player and his best player put himself above the team, by continuing to keep going after Norman. Coughlin was no where to be found in front of his star receiver…why? Did he suddenly lose is nerve?

Speaking of nerve where was the refs …they had ring side seats to the body slam and the head to head contact and the facemask grabbing and did nothing. If I didn’t know better I could easily think there was something going on that the refs were told to look the other way. How else could you explain that neither player was tossed from the game long after that expiration date had expired and these idiots were willing to do career ending damage to each other unnecessarily? One ref watched as they fought on the ground and didn’t throw a flag and didn’t kick either player out of the game which contributed to the game getting out of control like a WWE match with the bell ringing and the fighters still going at it.

By the way Why didn’t Panthers coach Ron Rivera pull his player out of the game when he saw what was going on? How about being proactive be the leader you’re supposed to be and grab your player by the collar and say hey we don’t do that here enough ! Have a seat or I’ll put you on yours. I don’t by the bat excuse, I don’t by the trash talking. I grew up in Brooklyn and trash talking was part of the game by those playing and those watching , and if they knew you couldn’t take it two things would happen, either you never got pick to play again because you were soft or they kept it up until a fight broke out meaning you finally put up your dukes and made they shut up. Best way to quiet the talk …keep playing and win …Next! Keep winning and the trash talking becomes less and less.

I have been pushed shoved , punched in the back, hit in the head hit in the mouth (unintentionally supposedly) all with the purpose of knocking me off my game)difference we where kids on the play ground these are professionals who are supposed to know better, the officials, the coaches, the players all failed and all are to blame for what happened on Sunday not just Odell Beckham Jr, not just Josh Norman but everyone, because they all saw what happened and did nothing and that was worse on many levels  than what to two knuckleheads Beckham Jr. and Norman did all by themselves.


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