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Meadowlark Lemon…R.I.P.

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For those of you who never saw Meadowlark Lemon play basketball you missed out. He was fun to watch and amazing to watch. The things he did with the basketball was nothing short of amazing. It’s funny I said to my wife that the Globe trotters were known to be trickers but they really played basketball and were really good at it. In order to do the trick shots and the fancy passes you had to know the basics of basketball. It’s obvious from his skills he could have had a big time NBA career if he chose to, but he chose to entertain instead. If you were from my era if Worldwide of Sports was on and the Globetrotters were on we stopped what we were doing and came inside to watch and be amazed, then tried to imitate what we saw. It was must see tv. So courtesy of youtube check out a glimpse of what our generation saw …Enjoy …


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