Chip Kelly Fired in Philly

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When this story broke a friend of mine text me that Chip Kelly was fired and my response was Like no one saw this coming?

Let’s be honest here, this wasn’t unexpected to say the least. Kelly knew his time in the City of Brotherly love was short especially when his moves backfired like trading Quarterback Nick Foles for Sam Bradford. That was a head scratcher from the moment he made that trade, trading LeSean  McCoy to Buffalo and the decision to  sign DeMarco Murray and not really make good use of his skills and unloading Jeremy Macklin who is  having a good year in Kansas City and is going to the playoffs , it was easy to see this coming. There were rumors before the draft that Kelly wanted to trade up to get Marcus Marriota, but for whatever reason it never happened. In short in Kelly’s time in Philly he tried to reinvent the wheel when he should have held on to the steering wheel because he lost control and he was the one in charge.

While the timing might have seemed strange for the firing with one game left to the season it was Owner’s Jeffery Lurie’s decision to make especially when Kelly refused to give up his personnel authority. That made it basically a done deal.

The amazing thing is the first two years in Philly, Kelly won 10 games  each year and in his third season as Head Eagle he decided to shake things up and it backfired. Back fired Big Time. It’s been rumored that he was possibly headed back to the college ranks but all the big jobs are filled or about to be filled but around the NFL there still jobs that are right now interim coaches like the Titans job where his college QB Marriota is. So it is possible Kelly could land somewhere but not with the same power he had in Philly.

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7 thoughts on “Chip Kelly Fired in Philly

  1. It would be best also, if owner Jeff Lurie sold the team, because his stupidity during Chip Kelly’s reign has been incomprehensible.

    What Kelly bring to another NFL franchise by way of your own judgment ? His teams have never played defense and they were never particularly good on offense. The Eagles play in an overrated mediocre division which somehow idiots are apparently in awe of . Says a great deal how bad the NFL just happens to be.

    1. No doubt the NFC East or as some say the NFC Least has some major upheavel this year with Kelly gone and Coughlin next to go who would have thought that the Washington Redskins would win the division and be stable in the Daniel Synder era? It apparent that Kelly and his system was overrated and I wouldn’t be surprised though that he would get another job in the NFL …not saying he deserves another shot but as bad as things are in one place it is worse in another so someone would like at Kelly’s time in Philly in a different light. Also one other thing to consider he knew his time was coming to a close in philly so no doubt he used his connections to get a feel for what jobs are out there and what teams are interested in him still. Scary thought right?

  2. In the Pac-12 , teams don’t play defense and Chip Kelly thought his antics achieved with Oregon would work well in the NFL ? Look at what Steve Spurrier brought with him when he took over the Washington Redskins ? Like I said , the idiocy which makes up the NFL and the front office executives is almost as tolerant as getting a dose of gonorrhea if that’s what you want ? Jeff Lurie and Howie Roseman as the lead executives of the Eagles are no different from the morons , Joshua Harris and Sam Hinkie who have ruined the Sixers over the past two seasons. Having brought in Jerry Colangelo to now run the show with the Sixers, won’t change the mindset of a pathetic NBA franchise.

    Anyone now interested in Chip Kelly had better think long hard about the decision. He’s meant to be an offense-minded head coach but his teams this season were an absolute joke .

    1. No arguing with what you said. But Kelly was running from Oregon because like most colleges they were being. Hecker out y the NCAA and he thought he was one step ahead of the posse which is more to why he made the jump to the NFL. As you said Spurrier and Saban thought they could reinvent the wheel, maybe they should have learned how to spell wheel first.

      1. Spelling should be fundamental for not only the student athletes in the NCAA but also to the coaches there at the FBS level of College Football. They should also check their frigging egos at the door once they enter the NFL .

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