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Why Isn’t Jerry Resse Gone Too?

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It was said that Tom Coughlin walked away as Giant head coach but we all know he was fired, plain and simple short and sweet. Jerry Resse should have joined him too. My theory is Coughlin’s status was up in the air by Giant management until Odell Beckham Jr. completely lost against the Carolina Panthers. Coughlin did nothing to control the situation. That was when his fate was sealed. It also took Jerry Resse the Giants general manager off the hook. But in reality long before the Beckham meltdown , Resse should have had his fate sealed too. It wasn’t like he assembled a team that was primed to go to the super bowl or go deep in the playoffs. He assembled a roster devoid of linebackers , when was the last time a Giant defense had no quality linebackers to mention?  The secondary was weak and the defense overall couldn’t make a stop when it needed to. Coughlin coached this team but Resse put the roster together and all ownership can say is Jerry Resse knows how we feel and he has to turn this around? Really seriously???? Oh he is on the hot seat now. 45 million under the cap, he has to draft better and do more than steal Dominic Rodgers- Cromartie from the Jets and do more than sign a bunch of running backs that it took nearly all year to get use out of. He has to build a defense, defense wins championships! Defense stops opposing offenses from scoring, not lose games that the offense puts you in position to win and then you lose heartbreaking  after heartbreaking loss again and again. I believe 6 of the 10 losses were on the defense so if they held the lead in half of the 6…that’s 3 the Giants would have won 9 games win the division and Coughlin keeps his job. But this is a incomplete roster and Coughlin did his best with the talent he had. 12 years is a long time with one team and especially when it is in New York. In the twelve years in New York the new York Jets have gone through 3 coaches and are on their 4th in Todd Bowles. The Giants are a stable franchise I understand that, but it’s time to make a change across the board. Other than Beckham what other picks have Resse done lately that make you say oh yes he is doing a great job? How much more time are the Giant ownership going to give Resse to build this roster? 4 straight seasons no playoffs all under Resse’s watch. Coughlin’s gone and Resse isn’t ? Doesn’t make sense at all.

Make no mistake Jerry Resse is on the clock, the seat is getting hotter and if he puts together the same roster like this season and the Giants fall short of the playoffs yet again, who else is there to blame? No where to hide now. Jerry Resse you are on the clock.



  1. There has been ongoing ineptitude and mismanagement by New York Giants’ front office over the past three years . I read one idiot’s analysis , suggesting Odell Beckham was so good this season, because he had and beaten the best of the top defensive backs in the league. Considering they (Giants) only faced one top-five defensive team (Cowboys) this season over the course of their schedule , indicates the never ending stupidity to be found.

    Eli Manning was also seeking to make this a contract year and negotiate himself a six-figure contract over> five or six years . Manning’s best years are now in the past and not ahead of him.

    • bklynboy59 says:

      Resse is being judged by his draft and free agent signing both have underwhelmed to say the least. He has been long enough to have a better track record, he needs to go. John Idzik who had two years as jet GM was booted and rightly so for not putting a solid team on the filed. Resse needs to go …..

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