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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants : New York Giants…You can call it what you like but on Monday Tom Coughlin was fired by Giant management. His job was done on two occasions …losing to the Jets after having a 10 point lead in the fourth quarter and once Odell Beckham Jr had his meltdown against the Carolina Panthers. My question is why didn’t the Giants clean house and get rid of Jerry Resse as well? I can make the argument that Coughlin coach is butt off to get the team in position to win at least half the games they lost because the defense did not hold the leads …they have no linebackers and no secondary…that falls on the GM who put that roster together. If the coach had to go so should the GM after all the team has had 3 straight seasons of no playoffs …so clean house.

Rants : Indianapolis Colts… I thought this team was going to fire Chuck Pagano instead they gave him a contract extention that will keep him tied to the General manager who reportedly can’t stand …sounds dysfunctional if you ask me, shotgun wedding indeed.

Rants: Johnny Manziel…speaking of dysfunctional, the Cleveland Browns hires a baseball guy to run their football team and has a quarterback (Manziel) who appears not to be interested in Football but very interested in partying at all cost. It will be interesting to see the new football guy handles the situation with Johnny Manziel.

Raves: Ken Griffey Jr…. Worth the price of admission on any day of the week. One of the greatest players I ever saw. He was breathtaking to watch. I am glad to see him get  the Hall of Fame on his first try and no…talk of steroids around him. Nice!

Raves: Mike Piazza… The greatest hitting catcher in the history of the game finally gets in the Hall of Fame. Will be fondly remembered by Met fans for hitting the homerun that brought the city back after the 9-11 attacks. The greatest Met not named Tom Seaver …Mike Piazza.

Raves:New York Knicks …18 wins and counting. After last season’s nightmare (17 wins) this team is playing like a team and Carmelo is playing like a team player, setting up team mates and working well with rookie Kristags Porzingis . Things are finally looking up for the Knicks, after last season couldn’t help but to go nothing but up.


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