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Alabama wins National Title 45-40 over Clemson

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I had Alabama winning this game, I wasn’t looking to predict a score, in fact I tweeted that Alabama would win because …defense wins Championships ….was I so wrong about that. In fact for a long while my prediction wasn’t looking good at all. It took awhile for ‘Bama to get rolling and Clemson used their speed to disarm The Tide. They went wide left and outside so often I wanted to scream into the tv they’re going left hello??? The Tide had no answers for the better part of the game and Clemson worked their game plan when they wore Alabama down left then they went wide to the outside right and then over the top down the right side line more than once and twice hooked up for scores , but …Alabama had an on side kick which pardon the pun turned the Tide for the rest of the game with 10 minutes in the 4th quarter to hold on tight for the win …so Clemson you gave the Tide all they could handle and showed why you were undefeated this season and Alabama you are the national champs so congratulations on a wild game for both teams.



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