Nets fired Coach and GM but the real Problem remains…Ownership

Mikhail Prokhorov over the weekend made news he fired his coach and got rid of his General manager …sort of. He made both of them accountable. Note to the New York Giants you should have cleaned house like Prokhorov did. But Prokhorov also didn’t do one thing …hold himself accountable.

He couldn’t wait to be the big shot in New York, he bragged about how the Nets were going to take over the city from the Knicks. Last season was their golden opportunity, the Knicks in the midst of their worse season in franchise history (17 wins) foundered and left the door wide open for the Nets to cut into the fan base…but if you can’t grab New York from the Knicks when they are bad do you think you are going to grab New York when they are becoming a team on the rise again? Since Prokhorov bought the team in 2010 he wanted to win a championship in fast fashion so he signed off on Billy King trading for Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and for all that talent …one playoff series  win. Once Deron Williams got his 100 million dollar contract he suddenly became unhappy, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce got old and Joe Johnson has remained at least productive yet he gets paid a big deal of money.

Prokhorov has paid out 123.2 million in luxury tax and has nothing to show for spending wildly.

Prokhorov has drained his franchise’s natural resources – unloading seven first-round and 11 second-round picks in the five-plus years of the former general manager Billy King’s regime. The Nets have no present, no future, no identity. Now he is linked to looking to hire John Calipari. The same john Calipari who once ran the Nets franchise when he didn’t know what he was doing and his price tag was lower then. Imagine 10 years and 120 million for Calipari to run the Nets now? Neither party would be likely to last the length of that deal. If he finally realizes he is throwing good money after bad he may choose to sell the team, then where would that leave Calipari? Working for an owner who may not want him and with an expensive coach on the side lines. So for now, Prokhorov will go over the usual suspects like Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy and Tom Thibodeau. All three are good choices, but as long as the owner remains, and he doesn’t chance his approach the results will be the same if not worse. One last thing, when a team is usually this bad they tank the season for a lottery pick…the Knicks were bad enough and ended up with Porzingis. The Nets don’t even have that thanks to Prokhorov’s win at all cost approach and no thought to the future. The Nets lottery pick belongs to the Celtics. So now they are in the worse place than just being mediocre, bad with no future picks until 2020 …good luck trying to sell that to the big name coaches the Nets want to bring in.
In the NBA now you either be real good and win a championship, be real bad with draft picks to have a foundation and the Nets have neither …but they have their owner. That’s the problem.


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2 thoughts on “Nets fired Coach and GM but the real Problem remains…Ownership

  1. It’s New York , it’s not as if there’s any intelligence to be found among the professional sports’ franchises to begin with . The Nets have been losing millions of the past five years and idiots believed in the so called business acumen of Mikhail Prokhorov and a front office which has been completely clueless during that time-span.

    Deron Williams was nothing more than a waste of space while with the Brooklyn Nets and Joe Johnson brings about as much leadership ability as dried up fecal matter festering around the @ss of a dead elephant.

    1. While I appreciate your comments can we keep the tone less vulgar and more clean.
      Prokhorov wasted no time in trying to provoke a public relations war with the Knicks who had enough issues of their own. He vowed to take New York from the Knicks …how did that work out? The Knicks handed Prokhorov New York with a 17 win season and he still couldn’t do anything with it other than strip his franchise of draft picks money and a decent future. The fact that as you say it is New York, it was news worthy and he forgot one major issue …Brooklyn is Knick country.So moving to Brooklyn while the NBA pushed it wasn’t the smartest thing to do for the franchise. The franchise roots were and will always be in Long Island.He never understood his own franchise history. He told Billy king to do what he had to do at all cost and when he did … well we see what happened, now Billy King is out and so is the coach who didn’t want to be here in the first place. The smart thing would be to hire the GM first and let the GM hire the next coach…but gut feeling that won’t happen.

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