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No Time Wasted…Chip Kelly Named Head Coach of the 49ers

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Ok how many of you saw this hire coming after the way things ended in Philly for Chip Kelly and the Eagles? There was some thought that he would return to the college game to coach again, like others before him, there was some talk about the Titans job in Tennessee, but that was just talk. The 49ers? That was out of the blue. The job in a way isn’t as bad as it sounds 40- 50 million dollars in cap space so getting players shouldn’t be too difficult, and he can just concentrate on coaching not wear two hats like he did in Philadelphia. And he has a decent enough defense while he can piece together his offense. Will the 49ers keep Colin Kaepernick , that remains to be seen, but if they do, expect Kelly to work his system to fit Kaepernick skills.  It has been already speculated that was the reason Kelly was hired …to try to turn Kaepernick around or at least see if it is worth the trouble. But if Kelly and the 49ers decide to keep Kaepernick one can only imagine the possiblies if he can turn his career around and the Niners start winning again.

Kelly and the 49ers …didn’t see that coming!


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