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Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

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Rants: Mikhail Prokhorov…Back in 2010 he splashed on the scene in New York looking to upstage the New York Knicks. Looking to make the Nets the draw of free agents, he charged GM Billy King to do whatever it took to make the Nets a winner regardless of the cost … now he resides over an 11-28 squad with no draft picks and the lottery pick is own by the Boston Celtics so they can’t even tank the season, he has spent over 120 million on luxury tax alone and has a bad team and a coach who didn’t want to be there…so he fired the coach and basically fired the GM and has created a picture of dysfunctional mess that makes the rival Knicks look stable. Now he is said to be interested in John Calipari, who once before ran the Nets. Calipari is reportedly said if anyone is interested …10 years 120 million will get it done…seriously? Don’t do it Mikhail Prokhorov.

Rants: NFL… relocating back to Los Angeles…maybe I missed something but wasn’t the reason the rams for the past 20 plus years were in St Louis was because the Los Angeles area wouldn’t support the Rams? now they are going to get the Rams and…possibly the Chargers too? And if the Chargers don’t leave San Diego then the Raiders will return to LA? That’s crazy. Who is running the league? Oops I forgot it’s the Owners with Roger Goodell as their mouthpiece. Look fellas pick a team one team and commit to it. Three teams in a market that didn’t support one team in the past isn’t going to work. How do you men run your other businesses if you run this business like this?

Rants:Lawrence Phillips… This was a talented running back gone bad from the jump. Plain and simple. Nothing about his life was ever oh give him a chance he’s a good kid feel. Now it is said he died in his jail cell apparent suicide. What a waste of life.

Raves: Alabama, Clemson National title game …It wasn’t the defensive battle you would expect from Alabama but when it mattered most they made the big play to finally win the game. The onside kick was sheer genius at the right time. Clemson gave them all they could handle and exposed the Tide’s weakness on the outside …run left outside run right outside run left again outside…and Alabama couldn’t stop Clemson. I guess Clemson was undefeated this season for a reason …they were good. This turned out to be a better title game than expected.

Raves: Ben Mc Adoo… In short time Mc Adoo went from Offensive Coordinator to now new Giants head coach. I was expecting Mc Adoo to be named sooner than they did. The Eagles made a play for Mc Adoo which I am sure sped up the Giants process. Some things will stay the same but expect a lot of new changes and new coaches on both sides of the ball.

Raves:Hue Jackson… Nothing Cleveland has done has turned out right, but maybe just maybe they got this one on the money. Hue Jackson is the brains behind the offense with the Bengals and won with backup QB AJ Mc Carron when Andy Dalton went down due to injury.


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