Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants:Todd Ricketts…I don’t know if you guys know this,” he said, via CSNChicago, “but Mets fans are really, really obnoxious.””So in any case, we go to Pittsburgh and we have a great time. The energy level is great. We go to St. Louis and the fans there — they were a little more confident — but still friendly and hospitable. And then there was New York.”My wife and I are sitting in our living room. It’s 10:30 at night. We’re in our pajamas. I don’t know if you guys remember — Matt Harvey refused to come out of the game.

“He did a show on TV. He did his own little drama on TV to show that he was the tough guy and he was going to win this game for the Mets. He went back out on the mound — and I think three batters later the Royals had scored two runs.

“When [Eric] Hosmer’s left hand went across home plate, my wife jumped up, pointed at the TV and she said: ‘Screw you, Matt Harvey! Screw you, Mets fans!'” Met fans have been called many things from Parnoid to the sky is falling woe is me …but never obnoxious …Ricketts must have Met Fans confused with Yankee Fans, or New England Patriot Fans

Rants:New York Mets … Yoenis Cespedes is there for the taking , make a offer any offer please…just do something, don’t let him go to the Nationals at least without a fight.

Rants:Aroldis Chapman…Chapman was under investigation for an Oct. 30 incident with his girlfriend, 22-year-old Cristina Barnea, after the couple got into an argument.”We are all pleased that the Davie Police Department and the Office of the State Attorney took the time to fully investigate the matter and have concluded that charges were not warranted,” Chapman’s lawyer, Paul Molle, told the Sun Sentinel. So let me make sure I got this straight it’s ok to choke your girlfriend , fire 8 shots in the garage, give the police conflicting stories but as long as you throw a baseball 100mph even law enforcement will look the other way and say there wasn’t enough evidence…really???

Raves: Buffalo Bills …for hiring Kathryn Smith as  the team’s new special-teams quality control coach, making her the first full-time assistant in the NFL. You may recall the Arizona Cardinals made a bit of history during training camp when they hired a female coaching intern for the preseason. But the Bills took it one step further with this full time hire.

Raves: Jessica Mendoza …who joins Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN as an analyst.

Raves:Chris Davis… he signed a 7 year 161 Million contract to remain with the Baltimore Orioles. According to reports, Davis will defer $42 million of the reported $161 million on the deal. He’ll receive $17 million a year from now until the end of the contract in 2022. Davis gets $3.5 million from 2023-2032, and $1.4 million a year from 2033-2037. He’ll be 51 when the Orioles commitment to him ends. Must be nice to be Chris Davis…he will never have to worry about a paycheck even after his playing days ….

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