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It Was The Met Fans that Made the Mets Step Up

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Yoenis CespedesMLB: World Series-Kansas City Royals at New York Mets

Met fans take a bow, you did good, you made management do something that they were reluctant to do…part with money. You made enough noise to make both Cespedes feel the love and Met Management to feel the heat.  Losing Daniel Murphy to the Washington Nationals didn’t bother me, I seen enough of Murphy for the past 7 seasons the good the bad the ugly and Neil Walker is a solid upgrade, but losing Cespedes to the same team in the division …that would have hurt 19 games this season and every season for the next 5 years …but today is a good today.

Every Met fan is feeling good real good today, but we all knew on Thursday and maybe early Friday that the real possibly existed that the charismatic outfielder was taking his talents to Washington D.C. to the Nationals. That just was too much too bear for every Met fan. Met fans pounded the radio station in New York WFAN with calls hoping somehow someway Met management was listening to their pleas to re-sign Yoenis Cespedes. As you are ware by now the Mets stepped up and sealed the deal with a 3 year 75 million dollar contract with a one year opt out clause.

Let’s face it Cespedes turned down more money from the Nationals because he wanted to be here and if it weren’t for that and the fact that the Met fan base made their presence felt through Twitter, WFAN and anywhere else they could be heard  Yoenis Cespedes would be a National today and not a Met. Which leads me to this point. I am happy he is a Met, but the Wilpons and Sandy Alderson really made this gut wrenching for sure, I got the feeling they didn’t want to commit the money and was looking for every excuse to let him walk away. They fail to realize just how passionate this fan base is about their team and the players. We are this close to winning a world championship the first since 1986 and you are going to let the most impact player since Mike Piazza walk away for a few million dollars and to of all places …Washington DC your division rival? Maybe now the Wilpons and Sandy Alderson finally were shamed into making a commitment to Cespedes for both the short -term with a chance of being here for a few more seasons after this one.

As you can tell I am not ready to let Met management off the hook just yet,  They still make me feel uneasy that when it is time to step up that they will confidently step up, yet during this whole free agency process there was nothing that made me think they were willing to make this move happen, everything they did came across as we are moving on from him and we are not willing to commit the years or money to make this happen. If this fan base had not made noise or if this was a fan base that didn’t care …you get the picture.

Will Cespedes opt out after this coming season? Maybe. Will the Mets step up again and try to keep him if he does? Only if we the fans keep the pressure on them to do so. Met fans it was you that made it happen. We will see how the opt out plays out after the season but right now you have to like this team and how it is put together with Cespedes as it’s star.



  1. Are Sandy Alderson and JP Ricciardi capable of building a championship-caliber team ? I think the loss of Daniel Murphy will come back to hurt the team . There isn’t a leader on the roster at present .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      I seen enough of Daniel Murphy over the years to know they are not going to miss him much. He was a bad base runner bad fielder and horrendous streat hitter who until the playoffs rarely hit for power. As for Sandy and company building a championship team, they went to the world series this past season and were 3 games short of winning the championship. With a flawed roster. They upgraded at second and short have a bullpen and has Cespedes back motivated with the opt out clause in effect.

      • And without Murphy being so inspirational for the Mets in a timely fashion during the postseason , do you believe the team would have gotten as far as they did ? There are still flaws all over the roster which has to be addressed. I am not so sure the front office is truly willing to make the financial commitment necessary .

        The New York Mets hit lightning in a bottle during the MLB postseason. I don’t think they are likely to make a successive return to the postseason . albeit they play in an average division (NL East) , possibly one of the most noncompetitive in the game .

      • bklynboy59 says:

        I don’t agree. Their pitching is far and away the best in the league. And it is only going to get better because they are young and have room to get better. Yes management scares me about making a commitment and the Cespedes free agency nearly blew up in their face but they did finally pony up the money after the fan base went bonkers on ownership. Yes they did catch lightining in a bottle but lets look at more objectively, Murphy hit at the right time, but over the course of the regular season where was all this power? He still played bad defense is a bad base runner and you are underestimating Neil Walker as a defender and as a hitter. he is more than able and a better upgrade at second than Murphy plus they have Dilson Herrea in the minors plus if need be the can move Flores to second where he looked very comfortable during the season. They are going to be back in the postseason barring injuries . This is the deepest roster of the Sandy Alderson era almost by accident but it is a deep versatile roster and one teams shouldn’t sleep on.

      • The Mets’ pitching was the best in the game ? At what time was that borne out during the World Series ?

      • bklynboy59 says:

        It was the best all year apparently you were not watching all year.

  2. Watching the New York Mets all year ? Are you insane ? The p#rn channels , create more enjoyment than watching the Mets play. Then again . whatever floats your boat, as the Mets played in a weak division where the teams bordered on incompetency throughout much of the season.

    There was a reason they were outclassed in the World Series by the Kansas City Royals.

    • bklynboy59 says:

      That’s what fans of reams do the watch they root and they agonize when their teams lose. By the way you really shouldn’t bash other fans for rooting for their teams I’m sure if u look hard enough some of the sports you like could make paid dry look like fun. As for the Royals yes they did win no doubt about that. Let’s see what happens going forward.

      • Is it really bashing when you point out mediocrity to a fan , while they try to gloss over the apparent flaws with a team ( Mets) ? Your statement concerning their pitching was ludicrous, when you look at the facts concerning the team last season . Where was this apparent great pitching in the World Series against the Royals ?

        When I assess sports I do look at it from both sides offering up points of view for and against a team even the teams I support , and I tend to very critical of them when they are performing badly or not meeting expectations .

      • bklynboy59 says:

        So let me make sure I get this straight you watched zero games during the regular season of the Mets watching 5 games of the world series and you think you know that the mets were not a good team? Really?? Seriously??? Ok lets start with who they beat to get to the world series ….The Dodgers had two of the very best pitchers in Grenke and Kershaw and the Mets beat them both. They faced the Cubs and swept them. Familiar blew two games easy maybe 3 against the royals and …Daniel Murphy who everyone wanted the Mets to re sign made critical errors in the world series that handed the royals their wins . Now getting to you….If you read my post you know I am very critical and on many occasions ripped the Mets, Jets and Knicks for moves plays etc… I am life long fan of those teams I have seen each at their best and the worse I rooted for them when they were god awful and root with a smile when they do good. As for the Mets pitching it was their pitching that kept the team competitive albeit in a weak division until the Mets get Uribe, Johnson and Cespedes in trades , it was their pitching that out pitched the Dodgers and inspite of the Daniel Murphy offensive show against the Cubs it was their pitching the stopped the Cubs hitting and it was their pitching in game 5 that the focus of Matt Harvey and terry Collins whether to leave him in or take him out …why because it was the pitching that’s why.

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