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Athletes Are Not Your Role Models

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More Details Emerge About The Relationship Between Blake Griffin And The Man He Punched

Way to often we tend to believe that athletes and entertainers are role models for our children. How wrong that belief is. Nearly everyday, we see the faultiness of such reasoning, how much more do famous athletes disappoint us, to the point that they themselves will be quick to point out that it is asking too much of them to hold them to a high standard of behavior and leave them be.

All to often I hear parents ask what do I say to my kid now, he looks up to …why would you encourage your children to look at anyone other than yourself as a role model assuming you are not abusing or mistreating your child? Yes we all have athletes we admire, I do too. But not to the point that I become lost when an athlete or entertainer does something that is embarrassing. There has to be a sense of balance when it comes sports and entertainment, if you are a parent you are your child’s role model …not Blake Griffin, Not Alex Rodriquez, Not Tom Brady , not Lance Armstrong, not Tiger Woods, Not Michael Jordan, not anyone else …Just you.



  1. The media , league hierarchies and corporate America , place these athletes up on a pedestal and when they ran afoul of the law , asinine fans, showing their incredulity come up with the most ridiculous reasons to excuse their behavior and that is especially true of the North American sports’ fan . Role models for today’s kids should be their parents , educators or someone inspirational from history , someone akin to the likes of Mandela , Ghandi , Malcolm X , MLK or Lumumba .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      Excusing bad behavior is true not just in North American sports but sports around the world …not just in one country but all around the world.

      • In Europe it’s now widespread racism aimed at soccer players who happen to be of Middle Eastern descent or who just happen to be Muslims. Sad indictment of the world in general and the fact neither FIFA or UEFA or the IOC seemed to be concerned by this at all.

        Let me pose this question , what were your thoughts by the rather ridiculous stance taken by the NBA’s players concerning gun violence with their rather inane public service announcement ? The union itself remains a joke when it comes to social issues in spite of the so-called claims being made by their hierarchy.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        You think it is ridiculous for the NBA to take a stand on gun violence? Would you feel the same way if Soccer did the same thing ? Or if actors around the world did the same thing? To quote NBA Commissioner Adam Silver ” It is a third rail issue”why? because in this country people feel it is their right to have guns and they are willing to fight to keep that right. Part of the issue that neither the NBA or anyone else addresses is the hatred and murdereous intent by many who own guns whether legal or illegal and as I have said before about guns you can regulate all the laws you want but you can not regulate the human heart that is where the violence and hatred starts.

      • bklynboy59

        What has come out of the stance taken by NBA fraternity on gun violence ? It was a momentary gesture and since then name one change to have taken place ? I mean what is the NBA doing with regard to issue of homeless veteran servicemen and women this country and the fact there are over 7,000 lives each year lost to suicide among them ?

        The league hierarchy of the NBA and the union is filled with so much damn hypocrisy to begin with.

        I’ll pose one more question what came out their so-called solidarity move , the night several players wore hoodies in the aftermath of the death of Trayvon Martin ? Come up with anything as of yet ? The league at present is filled with nothing more than symbolic gestures and not much else beyond that along with the misogynistic behavior of their players led by a lout such as Gilbert Arenas .

        David Stern and his successor Adam Silver are cut from the same cloth , where greed remains the only thing they seek for the league and in terms of addressing a number of social issues they tend to gloss over with momentary gestures.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        You need to re-read my comments again. I never defended the NBA on this issue. If anything I pointed to a higher issue one that you convienently side step so you can rant on the NBA but the bogger issue isn’t Gilbert Arenas (Who is a first class jerk) or the NBA wearing hoodies in lieu of Trayon Martin but the bigger issue is the intent of those who carry and use guns which is a murdereous intent toward another fellow human being. If we are going to slam one league for their momentary gesture then slam every league in every sport for not doing enough , but again the issue is bigger than that. Guns kill? No People Kill.

      • Pray do tell what is being done concerning the gun issue of gun violence ? I’m not side stepping the issue at all, I mean what is it that the NRA , Justice System and the whole Congress seems to be scared off concerning this issue (gun control ) ? . If you’re going to term a piece about athletes being role models , which very few of them actually are , Then delve more deeply into it , overall.

        This holier than thou stance taken by sports’ hierarchies on so many social issues remains insulting to the public in general and to sports’ fans as a whole .

      • bklynboy59 says:

        I made reference to athletes not being role models because I hear way too often grown men say what do I tell my kids about such and such athlete…seriously???so what I did was state what is the obvious they are not role models as for digging deeper stay tune more to come my good man. Not everything needs to be said all at once but enough said to get things going. Parents and Teachers should be role models not Michael Jordan he could care less about your childs life as long as your kid plucks down 150-200 for Air Jordans. Some role model. There is a thing called the constitution and as stated before people are crazy about their guns and feel it is their right to have them. You can regulate all the laws you want but nothing absolutely nothing can regulate the human heart and that Al is where all hatred and wickedness start. Which includes a murderous spirit.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        By the way this league hierarchy of the NBA that you are so much bitterly against, yet you root for a team the Spurs who are a part of that same league and are in a state (Texas) where people open tote guns in the trucks with no effort what so ever, where is all that venom toward them for not doing anything to stem the tide of violence? Come up with anything yet? Point is Al …its about what’s in a human that matters in this case with guns and violence it isn’t guns that kill it is the murderous intent of one human towards another that kills. That is what needs to be address by everyone!

      • I root for the Spurs and I am also critical of the team and organization also , through the good , the bad and the ugly. These sports’ hierarchies set themselves up as bastions and paragons of social conscience , but their essence remains greed and the hypocrisy , which follows suit, is in actuality disgusting .

        What else needs to be said concerning the state of Texas when you have the likes of Ted Cruz, George W Bush and Rick Perry emanating from the state, in one way or another have climbed unto the political stage and showed the world , the intelligence level isn’t that high to begin with . Longhorns’ football is fast . While the Dallas Cowboys while Jerry Jones , Jason Garrett and Tony Romo are in town , simply make for great comedic viewing if you like circus clowns and their repeated pratfalls .

      • bklynboy59 says:

        I don’t go crazy about teams or leagues going into social issues because I know they can’t do anything about the social issues out there. Whether it is the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL Nascar , MMA, Boxing , WWE you name it or Soccer or any sport in any country we all know they have their own issues they can’t solve so why would think they could do any better in an arena they don’t specialize in? Again when human heart is pure good things come out of it when it is not…well you see it for yourself and that includes guns and violence.

  2. Yes exactly! The best role model for a child should be their parents, more often that not children look up to someone else… its sad. I myself needed a few years of maturity to hit my self in the head and tell Ive been barking up the wrong tree. Athletes are human too and do succumb to mistakes, except their lives are more public and televised unlike ours.
    All your sports talk is greek to me btw. I know a bit about football, cricket and formula one. (Lewis Hamilton! yay!) but in its generality, the above post applies yea?

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