Smallthoughts: Rants and Raves

Rants: LeBron James…insist he didn’t get David Blatt fired from the head coaching job in Cleveland. Maybe he didn’t actually say the words “Hey coach you’re fired” but management isn’t going to make a change like that and not consult its resident superstar and then promote his friend to head coach and give him a 3 year deal. He isn’t the first superstar to get a coach fired nor will he be the last but could he at least be honest about it?

Rants: Blake Griffin… I waited a couple of days to find out what led to the fight with the team equipment manager …according to one published report it was over routine teasing nothing more, nothing less that got carried away. So you mean to tell me a 6 foot 10 251 lb man couldn’t take a little teasing and had to resort to punching the equipment manager who I am sure wasn’t 6 foot 10 251 lbs like Griffin.  Wow real tough guy Blake Griffin is, maybe try that on someone your own height , so maybe just simply let the teasing go.

Rants: Matt Barnes…his mad on for Derek Fisher knows no bounds still ranting about how he doesn’t want to shake his hand at games, if he see him he wants to hurt him…all this over a woman. His ex wife. Isn’t there a reason she is your ex ? Let it go. His statement about how everyone, players on other teams and league officials and fans all have his back all feel the same way he does …seriously? Come on Barnes let it go. The more you talk about it the more you sound like and act like a jerk.

Raves: New York Mets …I am not letting management off the hook, but I will give them credit for stepping up and doing what needed to be done to keep Yoenis Cespedes in Queens at least for the 2016 season and possibly longer, but most of the credit goes to the fans who made enough noise on Sports Talk radio in New York to get management’s attention even if the Coupons (A.K.A. The Wilpons, Fred and Jeff)deny that it factored into them moving to make the effort to sign Cespedes. Now the offseason is a success for the team in Flushing, Queens with a lot of needed sizzle.

Raves: Peyton Manning… He has beaten the New England Patriots when it matter most and while he is maligned for his lack of effectiveness as a passer, there he is …on the brink of winning his second super bowl. Does he have one more game left in him to win it all? At least he doesn’t have to do it alone, Denver has a very nasty defense, will the defense be enough to carry Peyton to the finish and win the super bowl and ride off into retirement? Carolina is riding a crazy wave right now and it’s hard to pick against them but…the sentimental side wants to see Peyton get one last championship before calling it a career.

Raves: Golden State Warriors… They have left Cleveland in it’s wake, blew the doors off the San Antonio Spurs …is there anybody that can slow down this runaway train? Is the O’Brien trophy polished up and ready to be handed to the Warriors?

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