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Are You Kidding Me?? Stephen Curry is Insane

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Be honest, when Steph Curry came out of Davidson how many of you knew he was going to be this good? Again be honest, because there a few general managers in the NBA who bet their jobs on knowing just how good someone like Steph Curry would become…they didn’t even know. 6 teams  in the 2009 NBA draft,passed up the chance to place Curry on their roster and how much do you think they regret that decision now? Other than Blake Griffin who was the number 1 pick and James Harden who was picked number 3 and maybe Ricky Rubio none of the other players in this draft panned out well, some are useful role players and some not even in the league. The point is there is no way for sure to know how good someone is going to turn out and then you have Steph Curry who just explodes like he has in the pass 3 years to the player he is now, the MVP of the league.

If you caught the game tonight The Golden State Warriors and Washington Wizards you saw a performance in the first quarter that was nothing short of insane …7 threes 9 of 11 shots for 21 points in the first quarter alone. Some NBA teams have trouble scoring 21 points in any quarter never mind the first quarter, Curry did that all by himself and finished the game with 51 points.

So check out the highlights…What a show!



  1. Should we buy into the hype of the media or simply look at the players’ body of work ? Fans are too easily convinced by the media and lame idiot analysts . Somewhat akin , to the political process also . Being force fed is one thing, but it’s best to seek out the information or just observe greatness or excellence unfold .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      I think the hype can be a bit much but in Curry’s case it isn’t coming from him unlike other superstars(Lebron) . Curry has already won a championship and the spotlight is shinning bright on him and the warriors. Like I said 21 points in the first quarter alone? who does that? I marvel at the performance not the hype.

  2. The NBA as we now see it , is the monstrous hyperbole </i created by league hierarchy , owners and the media . Now it has become the 1,000lb gorilla in the room with some hideous teams and just a handful of players who one could describe as being truly talented .

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