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Is Football Too Dangerous or Is it a matter of Assumed Risk?

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For all the talk about concussions, you and I both know we are going to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday and we are going to see at least a couple of hits that are going to make us go ooooh did you see that hit or wow what a hit. There is a lot of lip service paid to concussions, there are panels that are formed, studies that are quoted and faked outrage that is put out by media and fans alike and yet like I said come Sunday we will be in front of a tv somewhere at a sports bar with friends or at a friend’s house or in our own home watching, cheering and booing yes we all will be watching the single most watched event on tv…the Super Bowl.

The NFL pays lip service to player safety yet they want badly to get an 18 game season in the worse way why? Money more money…so much for player safety. Football as we know it is dangerous just by the very nature of it. They play a short season for a reason. It is taxing on the body. They get worked up for one game per week and go all out in it. On Monday they lick their wounds, Tuesday, is light work outs and film and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is practice and then from Saturday and Sunday it’s get worked up to a lather to play on Sunday. Football isn’t the only sport that gets concussions although it is receiving the most attention, Baseball, Boxing, MMA, Hockey all receive their fare share of concussions to their athletes yet Football gets all the noise about it why?

Ryan Church suffered a concussion crashing into a outfield wall while playing for the New York Mets, Pat Lafontaine suffered concussions while playing Hockey for the New York Islanders and Eric Lindros had to stop a promising career in Hockey because of concussions yet no one goes on the war path on these sports and say theses sports are too violent or that they need to do an study on concussions yet Football gets the brunt of the rage and fury…Why?


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