Knicks Cut Bait with Fish(er)

It’s funny that this happened the day after the Super Bowl, because I was at a friend’s house watching the game with him when I said they need to fire Fish he Stinks…this was after I watched most of the Nuggets – Knicks as the Nuggets jumps to a 27 point lead and the Knicks made a game of it, Porzingis got three straight baskets and got the Knicks the lead at that point and his reward ? Take a seat on the bench and…was left there for an extended period of time. That falls at the feet of the coach. His rotations are awful his in game chess match against the opposing coach is awful and yes I know he is still new at the job but he seemed stiff, he seemed stiff with the media and stiff with the players and he is a former player himself not long removed. Maybe he should have been an assistant for a while learn the finer points of coaching, but I was willing but never warmed up to Stinky Fish. I’m glad they cut bait with Stinky Fish. I never got the impression he understood how important it was for him to win now and really have a set rotation 8 deep and then 9 on a rare night or two.  He never warmed up to Jerian Grant  a point guard that gets to the lane and is an assist waiting to happen, yet he gives inconsistent minutes and expects consistent results.

Now if Phil Jackson really wants to be serious ….go hire Tom Thibodeaux and move out the way and let this man coach. The Knicks will play defense, and will be no easy win for an opposing team coming into the Garden.

Did the Matt Barnes drama play into to this …yes big time but they couldn’t fire him for that so…they waited until the losing got out of control and Fish sealed his own fate when he said it wouldn’t be a disappointment if they didn’t make the playoffs. Really??? When the Knicks were 22-23 I didn’t hear Stinky Fish say that then so why say that now? Was that said to lower expectations? Phil Jackson wasn’t hearing that and showed Derek Fisher the door. Now that put it’s squarely back on Jackson to get his next hire right. He has to hit a homerun on the next permanent coach of the Knicks unless he plans on doing it himself , which I don’t see that happening.

Oh one more thing about Thibodeaux… players will get run …for sure Porzingis and Grant would get playing time but they will have to be in Thibodeaux shape to play. The knock onhim of you want to call it one is that he burns out his players, he was in Chicago a long time, so many they just tuned him out. But he won and was successful and right now that is what this team needs. I will take a 6 year run if it means we have a chance to contend really contend like Ewing ,Oakley, Starks every year contend. Stinky Fish was never going to get it done if he were …well he still be the coach and we would not be typing this right now. Right away the list was already put out there for Phil’s guys …Brian Shaw, Kurt Rambis (who will be the interim coach) and of course the hot assistant right now Luke Walton. Brian Shaw? The same complaints about Shaw they had about Fisher and he had been an assistant first unlike Dead Fish and how did that work out ? So no. Kurt Rambis? No he there to keep the seat warm for the next coach, Luke Walton? Not sure. Why? Yes he was the fill in while Kerr was out on medical leave and yes the Warriors ran away from the league, but is he a good coach in the making or is it the system no matter who is in charge that makes it work? How do we know that Walton can adjust to roster not as talented as the Warriors. Thibodeaux is a proven commodity and would love to coach the Knicks. A year ago no…now with Porzingis anchoring the defense put some players around him going forward and it’s the Ewing, Oakley  Starks era all over again this time possibly a title in the offing. Yes I know I am dreaming big but it would be foolish not to dream big now that the Stink Fish has left the building and Thibodeaux is there for the asking …Phil do the right thing bring Tom Thibodeaux to the Knicks then get the players for him and get out of the way and let him coach his way not the triangle, not the this is how we did it in Chicago with Michael and Scottie or in LA with Kobe and Shaq but let Coach Thibodeaux do his thing …Let’s win.

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