Cam…It’s Time to Grow UP

Cam…listen you can’t have it both ways, you can’t be grinny grinny and willing to talk when you win and then blow everyone off when you lose…we call that being a sore loser.

Maybe you needed time to gather your thoughts especially when you knew the big question was coming …how come you didn’t fall on your fumble…you knew that question was coming and yes I know the media can be a pain but it is that same media that you couldn’t wait to grin at when you and your teammates beat the Arizona Cardinals to get to the super bowl in the first place. We saw the fun side of you now we see the sore side. I get it. I don’t like to lose either.Nobody handles losing well that is the truth, the Management of the team, the coaches, the players, the fans and even the trainers and others connected to the team don’t hand it well. But guess what Cam? You’re the league MVP, you’re the face of the Carolina Panthers and in some respects some might consider you the new face of the league going forward with the impending retirement of Peyton Manning and the eventual retirement of Tom Brady so in other words …Suck it up and Grow Up.

Take a clue from Carson Palmer, your defense beat him up pretty good made him look like a first rank amateur, yet he stood there and answered question after question on what was the worse performance of his career, yet he did better in defeat than you. You got done to you by Denver’s defense, that your defense did to Carson Palmer the difference? How you conduct yourself. There’s a expression that goes …”If you never been there, act like you been there before” meaning if you lose a super bowl understand that 49 others have lost just like you, take a clue on how they handle themselves after a defeat then learn how …like you been there.  Tom Brady has been to 6 super bowls and lost 2 …to the Giants you think he wanted to be grinny grinny with the media afterwards? Nope. But that’s what grown ups do, they stand up and be accountable, this is what the face of the franchise, the league MVP, the face of the league needs to do …be that stand up guy!

By the way the excuse you gave of why you didn’t fall on your own fumble was pathetic

Cam: “I don’t dive on 1 fumble because the way my leg was– it could have been (contorted) in a way. OK, you say my effort. I didn’t dive…”…down. I fumbled. That’s fine. But we didn’t lose that game because of that fumble. I can tell you that” — Cam

You didn’t lose the game one that play? really? this is the super bowl the game still was winnable at that point and you had a clear shot at recovering your own fumble and you paused and did nothing.  If we didn’t know better we’d all would scream fix fix…yes we saw your effort or lack thereof.  At this point the best thing you could have said is “I screwed up on that play and vapor locked” at least that would have been the truth.

League MVP…Face of the Franchise …you need to grow up !

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