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Ian Desmond signs with Texas…on the Cheap…Ouch!

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Only in the world of sports can someone bemoan the fact that they are only going to be paid 8 million dollars like it is minimum wage in the real world. Yet that is the case with Ian Desmond formerly of the Washington Nationals now of the Texas Rangers. A couple of years ago he turned down a 7 year 108million dollar contract with the Washington Nationals thinking he could get more money on the open market…ok…so he played out the year and was offered a qualifying offer of 15.8 million for one year…and he turned that down too…ok….so the best offer he finally signed for is one year 8 million dollars with the Texas Rangers or nearly half of what he was offered by his former team the Washington Nationals. No one in the real world is going to offer Desmond a benefit to raise money or give him a pity party to be sure, but in his case it’s obvious two things 1- he either received poor advice from his agent in which his agent should be fired or 2- he thought too much of himself and gambled and lost big time. But again let’s keep this in perspective 8 million dollars is still a lot of money to be paid and you and I would change places in a heatbeat with Ian Desmond to be poor and underpaid like that …for sure.

One last thought …he should have kept in mind the old saying …”A bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush”


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