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Manning to Call it a Career…Finally

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NFL: Super Bowl 50-Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos

According to a published report out in Denver, Peyton Manning is expected to announce his retirement within a week.

Elway told NFL.com on Thursday that he would not pressure his quarterback to make a decision and that the pair planned to meet again in the next week or so.

“I met with Peyton a couple nights ago and we had a good talk,” Elway said.

“As I said after the game, we’ll give him as much time as he needs. He still needs some more time so we’re going to afford him that time. He deserves it after 18 years in this league.”

Let’s hope that this picture will be basically his final one in a uniform going into the sunset with him winning the Super Bowl as opposed to coming back for one more try. There is nothing else for him to prove and coming back could only be seen a bad thing.



  1. Peyton Manning does need to call it quits now, especially in light of his ambivalent statement and his using a soon to be banned substance , which he and his representatives claim they didn’t know was a substance , yet to be made and be prohibited by the league hierarchy.

    It also appears , he’s still trying say he was being defamed with regard to allegations and his behavior towards (sexual misconduct & inappropriate behavior [exposed himself]) a medical (female) therapist at the University of Tennessee , while he was a player there. Funny isn’t it , everyone under the sun wanted to make Tom Brady the ” sacrificial lamb” with regard to Deflate-Gate , but somehow Manning’s legacy will remain intact ?

    • bklynboy59 says:

      when you win too much they say you cheat (Brady) something that happened way back in his college days shouldn’t be rearing its ugly head now that he is walking out the door now…why bring it up now? Is this a money grab?strange don’t you think?

      • A money grab when there are possible signs there might have been a cover-up on the part of the university’s Athletics Department ? It was the same idiocy played out a Penn State with regard to the Jerry Sandusky incident . Now what ?

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Difference with Sandusky everyone knew what he was doing especially Paterno and he put his head in the sand and did nothing to stop it. Sandusky was a creep and did it to his kids as well. As for the university’s A.D. that must have been some cover up to last this long.

      • Sandusky knew what he was doing alright and Joe Paterno acted ambivalently, did not follow up with any real tenacity when first made aware of the allegations. Need we be reminded also the Trustees at Penn State sought to cover up the whole issue ? Furthermore , one of the sitting trustees on the board , former state Governor sought for legislation to be passed in the state, to limit monetary damages sought by the victims. Never mind the fact . they also sought to limit the investigation and how deep law enforcement could probe into the matter . Any crime of sexual misconduct be it against a child or human being should not have a statute of limitation . Isn’t it bad enough when we have idiots such as Ann Coulter and Stacey Dash suggesting . a female who is a victim of sexual assault on a college campus tends to be someone who is sexually promiscuous ? Yes, that’s really the message we want being put out there isn’t it ?

        Just like the idiocy of women who believe a suffragette such as Margaret Sanger was great symbol for their cause , in spite of her racial bigotry and the belief African-Americans were like a rampant epidemic , of sub-human intelligence and needed to be eradicated off the face of the planet.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Just goes to show what you can get away with when you have power over others. Paterno use his wrongly and enabled Sandusky to continue his nastiness and others followed suit. For all we know many others were involved with Sandusky and didn’t want it to come out as well.

      • A number of trainers and assistant coaches were well aware of what Jerry Sandusy was up but only one came forward and in the end even his claims were being treated with a great deal of suspicion . Tom Corbett as an Executive Board Member Trustee of Penn State led the cover-up at the school. He is also a former Governor of the State of Pennsylvania , the state’s Attorney General and who as the state’s highest ranking legal authority had a key in the mishandling of the cases of the sexual assaults which took place at the Hershey School. Anyone who can recall the stupidity of the state’s actions and the fact they misplaced evidence . falsified witness statements and then had some witnesses commit perjury , should be seen as real hypocrites. Tom Corbett was most certainly that and a great deal more ,

        Peyton Manning should simply ride off into the sunset and let the Denver Broncos , do what they need to do. I think John Elway as part owner and Head of Football Operations , has an idea as to what he’s doing and how to build a successful team that is consistent and knows how to win !

      • bklynboy59 says:

        I totally agree with you on what Peyton Manning should do …now the question is will he? I think so

  2. Something that happened way back shouldn’t be rearing its ugly head ? I guess repeated acts of misconduct , should be glossed over and left in the dark . It’s what makes the world tick and seem like it’s all so perfect and the message that should be sent to a younger generation this is how one ought to behave ? I guess the hypocrisy seen by politicians and the religious organizations should be part of our every day lives as a way to guide us then ?

    I guess Darren Sharper ought to be a role model for some , given his habits , which more likely stemmed from how might well have viewed women , even while a college athlete ?

    The Papacy notwithstanding and the edicts of the Vatican , when they can’t keep their priests in check as to their sexual proclivities . Now we have the politicians acting with depraved indifference, while suggesting they know what’s best for the country. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    • bklynboy59 says:

      I am not saying things should be glossed over I am saying that if this really happened why wasn’t made public from the beginning. Why wait all these years now long after. A smart lawyer is going to use that to his advantage to test the memory of all concerned. Sometimes we can’t remember what happened two ago nevermind what happened twenty years ago. If the allegations are true beyond a reasonable doubt then yes Peyton Manning should be dealt with, but after so long a time is real justice going to be done in this case?

  3. I think Manning will ! The cap implications for the Broncos will be to their disadvantage were he to stay , impeding their chances of re-signing a number of their top priority free agents and the second being , his risking another injury . When you hear a player admit, he had a tingling sensation in his throwing harm which caused him to have problems with his play . Then it points to something , that quite possibly will lead to other problems down the line . He still has recurring back problems without this new revelation coming to light. Manning , unlike Tom Brady, (Patriots’ quarterback has just restructured his existing contract allowing even greater cap room for the team) doesn’t always do what’s in the best of his team which would be if he were to remain , just renegotiate a new contract which would be of benefit to the franchise all-round.

    On a side-note , do you believe Eli Manning is worth re-signing by the Giants to a long-term deal, where the contract is worth over $100 million ?

    • bklynboy59 says:

      Do I think a durable hardly ever misses a game 2 time super bowl winning quarterback is worth 100 million? To the Giants he is worth that. He is and has been their franchise QB for the past decade.

  4. Inconsistency has been very much the case with Eli Manning over the last two seasons and I think they made a mess in terms of free agents they signed and let go over that period .

    Paying a quarterback $100 million dollars has its downfall . Just ask the Niners and Bears what they think after the lack of success concerning Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler .

    Do you honestly believe Matt Ryan is worth the deal he’s signed much less the mediocrity that has been continually shown by Tony Romo over the last eight years . specifically in the postseason ?

    Romo is not a leader and continues to apportion blame elsewhere for his own shortcomings .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      There are so very few franchise quarterbacks around and the fact that Eli has 2 Super Bowl rings in the New York Market and has beaten the hated Tom Brady twice when it mattered most the Super bowl makes him worth the money he is being paid. Question if you don’t think he is worth the money then who do you replace him with ? Sam Bradford? Please….Tony Romo gets played to be a big time QB but what is his record in the post season oops he doesn’t get there ….The Giants will over look the inconsistent play of Eli because he is their franchise QB with a proven track record.

      • Far too many of these players are being paid on what is deemed to be potential with only a handful actually ever proving to be a success. My view point remains , player with consistency leadership ability is far more valuable than a player many believe to be a one game or one hit wonder.

        Sam Bradford on his best day couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn .

        Tony Romo will continue to be an enigma and conundrum all rolled into one. Roger Staubach must’ve been on pain medication when he made the claim Tony Romo would lead the Cowboys to Superbowl title and be an even better qb than Troy Aikman.

        Eli lacks real leadership ability, but at the same time, the fault with the Giants have been the errors made by the front office by way some draft picks and trades in recent years.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Eli lacks real leadership??? Maybe you are on some pain meds? Take Eli off the Giants and what quarterback do you bring in to replace him right now? If Eli gets injuried and is out for any length of time where do you suppose leadership is coming from on offense? a 2 Super bowl winner and one of the most durable quarterbacks in the game lacks real leadership? Sometimes I truily think you say things just to get a rise.

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