Smallthoughts” Old School Tuesday …Larry Johnson

Until a back injury robbed him of his explosiveness Larry Johnson was force to be reckoned with. After his injury, Johnson developed a all round game and was effective from outside. Knick fans know him best for his 4 point play against the Indiana Pacers in the 1999 playoffs.

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday spotlights…Grandmama aka Larry Johnson

Career history
19911996 Charlotte Hornets
19962001 New York Knicks
Career highlights and awards
Career NBA statistics
Points 11,450 (16.2 ppg)
Rebounds 5,300 (7.5 rpg)
Assists 2,298 (3.3 apg

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9 thoughts on “Smallthoughts” Old School Tuesday …Larry Johnson

  1. Larry Johnson and Sean Kemp were two players, I thoroughly enjoyed watching at the height of their athleticism ! The same also with Grant Hill . Unfortunately , once recurring injuries derail a career , it’s never easy to try and regain that former prowess on the court .

    1. so true …Grant Hill was never the same after he left Detroit, LJ had to reinvent his game when he came to the Knicks. I enjoyed watching LJ way back when he played for the Running rebels in his college days.

  2. It’s amazing to think that injuries can in so many ways derail a player’s / athletes’ career and define our view of them in a number of ways.

    What are your thoughts on Peyton Manning’s ambivalent admission he took a soon to be banned substance but states he wasn’t aware it was something on the league’s prohibitive list , even where there was evidence to show all of the league’s thirty two teams were dispatched a memorandum of their forthcoming action ? Furthermore , it appears Manning’s recollection of his an alleged sexual misconduct (attempted sexual battery) concerning a therapist University of Tennessee , has repeatedly changed over the years , where it now comes to down to his stating it’s an incident being blown and someone seeking to defame his character.

    Manning’s image much like so many high profile athletes’ is so carefully manicured , that in the end , even they can’t tell fact from fiction . ,

    Personally, if the allegations are said to be true, I hope the victim’s lawyers not only sue the University of Tennessee ,but also go after Manning with impunity. His actions were disgraceful to say the very least . If a cover-up has taken place then the full weight of the law should come down on the university as well as the athlete. There seems to be this thinking at the collegiate level where male athletes ought to be given a pass for reprehensible behavior and to my mind the hypocrisy of the NCAA and collegiate athletics when it comes to acts of sexual assaults by athletes seems to be no different than the idiocy seen among the hierarchies of the NFL , NHL, MLB and NBA. Granted , Aroldis Chapman has since been suspended for thirty games by Major League Baseball , as their way of showing they have some brevitas , but this isn’t the first time such an incident has taken place concerning a Big League player and we rarely hear what the respective unions themselves are doing concerning the repeated misconduct and behavioral issues of their members. Which begs the question what the hell are they thinking to begin and don’t they feel they have moral obligation to address the issue ?

    I find it insulting , Doc Rivers seemed to be more concerned with Blake Griffin’s injury and the problems it would have on the Clippers’ championship ambitions , rather than the fact the player was involved in a public altercation with one of the team’s athletic trainers and conditioning coaches at a restaurant in and outside of the establishment in full of view of the public. Begs the question what are Rivers’ own priorities and their (Los Angeles Clippers’) apparent lack of action once this all was being reported by the media ?

    1. Ok that was a mouthful sooooo…let’s start with last things first…you touched on it with Rivers …it’s about priorities in this case making the Clippers a championship contender. That doesn’t excuse his behavior either because it enabled Griffin to feel that it was ok to beat up the team trainer and if he didn’t get hurt in the process the cover up would have been on.Just like in the real world you and I can have a dust up at our job with a coworker no big deal but have the same run in with someone deemed important and poof you’re gone, expendable. It is the same with sports In this case Griffin was more important to the Clippers than a trainer who is deemed expendable and it is disgusting to think like that.
      It would have been interesting to see what Johnson could have done in a Knick uniform if his back wasn’t an issue. Then again I said the same thing when Bernard King blew out his knee as a Knick just before Patrick Ewing rose to prominence. It would have been interesting to see those two would have played off each other and would they have contended for a title…and lastly…Peyton Manning …just like Bill Cosby the question begs why now? Why after all this time are they coming after him for something that allegedly happened back in college. Why didn’t they pursue it then? Was the cover up that good that it had to wait until now? Doc Gooden, Darryl Boston and I believe Vince Coleman were cited for sexually assaulting a woman in Florida during spring training back in the 90’s what a mess that was Gooden was the one that had semen on the woman’s clothes and nothing was made of by MLB back then as it was considered a private matter, so you are correct this wasn’t the first time and sadly gut feeling says it won’t be the last mainly because society’s view toward domestic violence has to change.

      1. Here is the thing with regard to the Clippers given the image and in the aftermath of the Donald Sterling debacle and the NBA’s lack of action given Sterling’s own behavior directed at minorities down the years as well as with his dealings as being a slum landlord . Do you not believe the franchise’s image hadn’t been already tarnished enough from a negative standpoint ? At the same time what has Adam Silver or his predecessor done concerning the behavior of the Orlando Magic’s Rich DeVos ?

        MLB and so many of the hierarchies are only concerned with the bottom line more often than not and nowhere is that more in evidence than with the NFL. Goodell remains an incompetent buffoon. At the height of the last collective bargaining agreement he sought concessions from the NFLPA (union) in terms of revenues , but somehow that very same year , he earned in excess of $25 million not including bonuses and other incentives .

        In the case of Bill Cosby, he has admitted his philandering < , also settled out of court by way of monetary settlements with at least two females , who stated there had been sexual misconduct on his part . It may not be an admission of guilt to settle out of court , but there appears to be a pattern of misconduct don’t you believe ?

        Line up all the ducks in the row and then you can begin to see what is indeed happening . Look at the repeated allegations against Jameis Winston , how unprofessional the Tallahassee Police Dept were in their original investigation, the player’s lawyers and their changes in stories as to what took place concerning the sexual assault on the FSU campus . Florida State remains a den of debauchery, where the coaches , athletics’ department and Police Dept have turned a blind eye to wantoned criminal acts.

        NCAA President Mark Emmert who has a few skeletons in his own personal closet is something of a joke when it comes to dealing with such issues.

      2. Many of the behaviors that you bringing up are due to the fact that people believe they are entitled and because of that entitlement they act out. Things that used happened 50.60 70 years ago with little media coverage now …as soon as it happens we know all about it. So that goes back to my original question regarding Peyton Manning …why Now? As for Bill Cosby…I have a story for you …about 10-12 years ago while in college a marketing professor told us he was a consultant for Kraft foods which does …Jello Pudding which featured…Bill Cosby. Okay, so they had a meeting with Cosby and he shows up with a woman on his arm not Camile and as part of his deal he is allowed to have a companion accompany him when dealing with Kraft. This wasn’t something he was hiding this was in plain sight of everyone and …Camile was aware of it. So why wasn’t anything said back then at the height of his fame, when it could do damage to his career then , not now when he is pretty much done, compare that to …Peyton Manning again why now when he is pretty much done with his career, the timing is what always throws me.

      3. Both Cosby and Manning have manicured images and have sought to make themselves out to be paragons of virtue , but when the chickens have come to roost and light has been shed on their behavior. We tend to see up close and personal what they are really like as individuals . Peyton Manning’s recollections as to whether or not he exposed himself to this female therapist , has been sketchy at best on his part. Yet , when confronted with the allegations about his conduct concerning the event , he first stated it was a private matter , then stated he was being defamed . Now with not only the US Justice Department being involved and the Dept of Education also dealing with this all, why do you believe the university is running for the hills? They have a lot to lose beyond their image and it all can be summed up with the grants and research funding provided to them by the federal government and numerous foundations around the country . Tens of millions of dollars are at stake and no academic establishment wants to end up losing that sort of a ‘cash cow ‘ or the prestige .

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