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It was once the Mecca of Basketball, no place rocks not even Seattle rocks like the Garden rocks when the Knicks are good, it gets so loud you can feel the building shake. Well sadly it’s been a while since the garden has been like that. We all thought we were on our way to having that happen again especially when the Knicks were 22-22…we were wrong. I thought it was safe to really get excited about the season …I was wrong! Turns out it was the high water mark of the season and nothing has gone right since. The Knicks lost 9 of the next 10 costing Derek Fisher his job as head coach, to be replaced by Kurt Rambis who apparently has no problem with benching Jerian Grant but will play Jose Calderon when it is clear Calderon can’t keep up with the elite point guards in the league. Yet you don’t play Grant? The move that is still puzzling is calling Jimmer Fredette from the D League sign him to a 10 day contract and then only spot him 6 minutes of playing time. Then why bring him up if you are not going to play him? How bad is it at the Mecca of Basketball? so bad that Carmelo Anthony told a heckler to ask James Dolan for a refund …ouch, then Dolan made Carmelo apologize which he did, then Carmelo said he did nothing wrong. Wow ! You can’t make this up…The Mecca of Basketball is turning into the Mess of Basketball and with the drama with the Clippers, the drama with the Cavaliers that’s saying a lot.

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6 thoughts on “Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week

    1. So AL you don’t make mistakes ? At one point they looked as though things were finally headed in the right direction and I did give it time to the half way point. Then of course as we know it all came apart. Knick bashing is always a breath away especially for those who are not fans of the team. Same old Knicks etc. Truth be told there plenty of dysfunctional teams that liter the NBA landscape like. The Nets,Clippers, Cavaliers, Rockets, Lakers, 76ers so why hate on just the Knicks?

      1. When you analyze things do you do so with any depth or just simply come up with a great deal of rhetoric and pragmatism. because a great deal of the analysis you suggested about the Knicks has no real basis Fisher learning to coach by the numbers was comical ., Jackson and Mills are in essence a comedic duo which could rival Abbott & Costello or even Laurel & Hardy. It’s not about Knicks’ bashing at all , but your premise about the team was nonsensical . If you can’t realize that fact and then not be bold enough to be even remotely critical of Steve Mills or Phil Jackson then it’s not worth even debating the matter ! Have a great weekend !


      2. You do realize this is a blog right? I’m not a paid writer. We all know your a Spurs fan and as you already have a lowly opinion of just about every team I. The league. If you recall my thoughts about the k ocks compared to the team that was 17-65 22-22 was a stark improvement. But in no way did you read that I said the Knicks were on their way to a championship. I wasn’t alone in thinking the Knicks were showing improvement. People that covered the team felt the same way. But I would’ve expect you to see that. If anyone thinks Mills has any say or and impact on this roster. ..think again he is a figure head GM in name only. Jackson calls the shot. By the way in case you haven’t noticed I call my teams out routinely I called for Jerry Recce to be fired …maybe you missed that …I called out the Jets with the Rex Ryan circus ripped the Mets repeatedly for being cheap in addition to the Knicks. Sometimes no matter what is written it doesn’t seem to suit some people.

    1. What in this post needed to be in depth I ripped the Knicks for bringING Fredette to the team on a 10 day contract and didn’t play him , Calderon can’t guard anyone and yet Ramis don’t play Jerian Grant. Melo gets into with a heckler apologizes then says his boss put him up to it. I never gave any statically analysis didn’t feel I needed to when a team is 22 games under 500. It tends to speak for itself.

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