Carmelo Puts Phil Jackson on Notice…Really?

Carmelo puts Phil Jackson on hot seat after 1-on-1 chat


Carmelo Anthony called his meeting in Denver with Knicks president Phil Jackson a “good conversation’’ in which he “got some answers I was looking for,’’ That line on the opening or a New York Post article made me laugh. Can anyone explain to me when was the last time Carmelo Anthony won anything in the Pros? I thought so. So how can he tell someone who won 2 rings as a player never mind 11 as a coach how he needs to build a winner. Oh by the way the guy with the 13 rings ….is his boss and by the way is paying him 124 million dollars to play ball not to hold his boss accountable. That’s James Dolan’s job, not Carmelo Anthony’s job. If Dolan said he had good conversation with Phil Jackson in which he got some good answers I’d say ok …he’s the boss , he liked what he heard, but Carmelo seriously?

Who is really running the Knicks?

For an Owner who likes to control what comes out of the Garden neither he nor his his team are very media savvy. Only the Knicks can turn a non issue into a hey Phil Jackson better hit it right in free agency…Ok even if that was Carmelo’s thought maybe it isn’t such a great idea to vocalize in public. Why? Bad Public Relations…makes it look like it is Carmelo running the Knicks not Phil Jackson. Superstar players have for the most part had some say with ownership about the direction of a team …but when the man running the team has 13 rings and you have none ….well maybe you should keep it quiet and let him do his work of making your team a winner, a consistant winner.

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