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SmallThoughts: Rant of the Week…Rick Pinto and The Scandal that Won’t go Away…

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There are some things you can wish a way …a rainy day, maybe a bad headache or a cold but there are things like this scandal at  University of Louisville that will not go away. Head coach Rick Pitino can not coach this away. One of the great coaches in college basketball is seeing his program get buried in a sex scandal and he claims he knew nothing about what was going on. Sorry Rick hard for me to believe you had no clue to what was going on with your own recruits, You’re the head coach you are supposed to know. In fact, it is highly unlikely that you didn’t hear whispers, rumblings, that something shaddy was going on. Come we are talking about young kids who I am sure got a taste of campus life and couldn’t keep their mouths shut about what was going on. Besides you(Pitino) know what a recruits favorite meal is what his mom’s favorite dish is, maybe just maybe you even know what his favorite song is but you mean to tell me you don’t know that your recruits were receiving sexual favors from escorts.

Pitino took to rolling Andre Mc Gee under the bus, Mc Gee is a graduate assistant.

“You have your dorm security people, who are being interviewed by the NCAA, then you have your graduate assistants,” Pitino told the “Mike & Mike” show. “One unfortunate one was Andre McGee, whose sole responsibility was to make sure the kids get to school on time, make sure they get up in the mornings when they have a presentation or breakfast with a head coach or family.

“And then we have another graduate assistant. So the problem we had is we did have people in place. And the one person we did have in place, whose sole responsibility was to make sure they do the right things, and unfortunately that was Andre McGee. That was the problem there.”

The sex scandal became public in October when escort Katina Powell wrote about the activities in a book called “Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen.”

Powell detailed how McGee paid her roughly $10,000 between 2010 and 2014 to supply dancers and escorts to parties at the Louisville on-campus dorm that houses the basketball players.

Outside the Lines reported that McGee would give players stacks of bills from between $200 to $500 for use at the parties.

Pitino hasn’t spoken with McGee since the scandal broke and used the opportunity to speak about him to take a shot at in-state rival Kentucky.

“If I could just get Andre McGee in a room for 10 minutes, I would say to him: ‘Why would you do this? What purpose did it serve? We didn’t need this to get recruits,'” Pitino said. “We’re not Kentucky, where we’re recruiting the one-and-dones. We have a different way we recruit. It didn’t make any sense what was going on. How these women infiltrated our program is very disturbing to me.”

Here is the bottom line should it come to pass that despite his denials of knowing what was going on that Head Coach Rick Pitino knew had some knowledge and did nothing …he should be fired period.



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