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Villanova Wildcats scratch and Claw to the National Title

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NCAA Men's Final Four - National Championship - Villanova v North Carolina

I am not sure where I would rate this game as one of the best of all time but I will say this one had the last second flair for the dramatic and that will be what everyone remembers.

North Carolina led for most of this game and then the Wildcats went on a run to past the Tar Heels to run up a 10 point lead with about 4 minutes left …then things got interesting. Carolina …went on a run of their own to tie the game. Maybe just maybe they would go into overtime especially after Marcus Paige hit the 3 to tie the game at 74. I was listening to part of the game on the radio and John Thompson former Georgetown coach (who knows a thing or two about being on both sides of this title game) said before Paige even touched the ball to shoot the game tying shot that it wouldn’t surprise him if during the timeout Jay Wright has them foul the Tar Heels instead of letting them shoot the 3 , because if they hit the 3 … and yes class those words may have stun the broadcasters with Thompson but it turned out that he was correct. Paige then hit the 3 tied at 74 looking at overtime even though 4 seconds can be a long enough time to get a shot off. Then Villanova gets the ball to the three point line and the rest as they say is…history

Congratulations to the Villanova Wildcats …2015-16 National Champions.


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