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Smallthoughts: Does Kobe Bryant Rake Among the Best?

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Wednesday night I was getting texts from a friend of mine while Kobe Bryant was scoring 60 against the Jazz in the final game of his career …I kept getting text …KOBE KOBE Kobe baby …60 …2nd greatest player behind Jordan… oh yes those were real text. He ranked Kobe 2nd behind Jordan because he has 5 championship rings …okay but so does Magic …and Kareem has 6 so where does that put them? Also consider this Kobe scored 60 in a nothing game against a team that wanted no part of this game and just wanted to go home, they played no defense on Kobe or anyone else for that matter. Come on! Kobe as we would say from the playground chunked every chance he got, they ran no plays and he passed when?

I know it’s easy to disagree with me on this, the easy thing to do is rate him among the best to ever play, and for whatever reason we seem to always want someone to be the best ever at something as if being great is a bad thing , no they have to be the best ever or second best ever … I know the following will make Kobe fans upset but …

Just for the record I am not saying I think Kobe was a scrub his whole career he wasn’t . He was a prolific scorer and a great defender but he was rough on teammates ask Dwight Howard. He was a great player but by no means was he the greatest player I ever saw, nor was he even the greatest Laker either. Which led me to this point , I can think of at least 5 or 6 Lakers before I even get to Kobe. In no particular order:

1- Jerry West

2- Magic Johnson

3- Kareem

4- Wilt Chamberlin

5- Elgin Baylor

6- Shaq

7- James Worthy

8- George Mikan

9- Jamaal Wilkes

Originally I said 5 or 6 and I just gave you 9…

Do you see Kobe’s name anywhere on this list 9 Lakers and no mention of Kobe so how do you think he is the games greatest or among the games greatest players and he doesn’t even top the list of the greatest players in franchise history? Top 10 Laker? No Problem but look at that list all hall of famers  Kobe slides in at 10 so again if he isn’t at the top of the list of Franchise history how does any one rate him seconds best behind Jordan if that is the benchmark ?

It’s easy to wax poetic about Kobe it’s in the in thing to do right now. If all you ever seen is Kobe then that is all you know , just like the generation before saw Jordan and only Jordan but if you seen many of these players on this list for the exception of Mikan (before my time) there is no way I can put Kobe above these great players, so how can I put on the list of greatest ever? I Can’t.

This season was brutal to watch because at one point don’t forget Kobe wasn’t looking good, he looked finished, s for him to go out on a 60 point night chucking away …I ain’t mad at ya Kobe , but don’t expect me to point at that last game and say see this was Kobe at his finest , the best to play the game… Does he crack top 50 yes for sure, top 25 maybe but best of all time discussion ….nope!

So where does Kobe rate ?





  1. Statistics being what they are , I also believe how a player carries them selves in public as well as their private life reflects upon how the public often views them ! The continued knock against Kobe Bryant , will be the fact he was never well-liked individual by a number of his teammates. This all came to a head after the events of Eagle , Colorado and his throwing then teammates Shaquille O’Neal and Rick Fox under the bus with regard to their alleged philandering .

    Bryant remains an immature , narcissist and self-absorbed individual who cares only about himself. While we can praise his career achievements . let’s not forget the fact the Los Angles Lakers (17-65) finished with one of the worst records in the league this season and one of the worst in the franchise’s history . It begs the question what the hell are GM Mitch Kupchak , joint team owners JIm Buss , Johnnie Buss and Jeanie Buss now thinking ? Never mind the apparent direction the team is now heading in and the cries of their fans that they will be able to land a marquee free agent for next season ? That’s akin to saying Ru Paul would be preferable as a stand-in for Halle Berry .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      It’s hard for me to rank Kobe in the same class of Jordan. When he isn’t even the greatest Laker of all time. One time MVP 3 of the 5 rings came with Shaq.

      • I’d rank Kobe among the top-fifteen Lakers of all-time , but where he stands among the all-time greats will be matter of conjecture and a great deal of debate . Idiots , are already pointing to the fact he’s third on the career points’ total list. In of-itself , while impressive , it means nothing . Kobe’s disdain for teammates , his bit#hing like a petulant child and his wanting to be likened to Michael Jordan shows the fact he will be never be able to able to measure up to Jordan , much less Magic Johnson.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        All true points. In my day we would have called him a chucker plain and simple

  2. Your thoughts on Lynn Swann now becoming the new Athletics Director of the USC Trojans ?

    Swann’s predecessor Pat Haden was an ‘ absolute bust ‘ and he was no better than his predecessor, Mike Garrett , whose tenure encompassed the eras of Reggie Bush , Pete Carroll and Tim Floyd , when the entire program was in turmoil and under a great deal of scrutiny .

    I believe Lynn Swann might bring some respectability back to the Trojans , but it is going to take a long time for the public to forget what went on there.

  3. Which of the first round series in the upcoming NBA Playoffs do you believe could provide the biggest upset ?

    • bklynboy59 says:

      Wow good question…biggest upset Memphis over the Spurs. I could be so wrong but someone could knock off the Spurs is the Grizzl especially. Back in the day the first round was 3 games and the better team breezed through with less chance of an upset. But now that every round is 7 games…

  4. I don’t think the Grizzlies will be taking down the Spurs , not with the way both Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge having been playing all season-long !

    I think the Pacers have what it takes to derail the Raptors’ ambitions for this postseason .

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