Dee Gordon Suspended 80 Games for PED Use

Dee Gordon (Getty Images)

Miami Marlins speedy second baseman was suspended by Major League Baseball 80 games  after he tested positive for two types of performance-enhancing drugs, exogenous Testosterone and Clostebol, a modified form of testosterone. Gordon is the fifth major league player suspended for PEDs this season, after Colabello, Phillies pitcher Daniel Stumpf, Indians outfielder Abraham Almonte and Mets pitcher Jenrry Mejia, who received a lifetime ban after his third positive test.

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7 thoughts on “Dee Gordon Suspended 80 Games for PED Use

  1. Just when we thought the PED was all in our rear view mirror, another dumb @ss in the world of baseball actually proves us wrong . This game and sport never once had any integrity or morality ? If it had done then it would have been able to address its underlying problems with real authority. Then again look at who has presided over the game for the past two decades prior to Rob Manfred. Even before Selig’s reign of stupidity, baseball was being ran by a bunch of bigoted imbeciles. Dee Gordon now making Alex Rodriguez seem like the poster child for expediency and intelligence. Then again there is a reason why the game is no longer part of the Summer Olympics and with very good reason ….. List of MLB Commissioners (link inset) …

      1. Baseball remains a mess both on and off the field . It lacks leadership with the hierarchy and with the union (MLBPA).

        Your thoughts on the latest diatribe from Curt Schilling, which led to his firing by ESPN ?

      2. If Schilling wasn’t a athlete no one would care what he has to say, but because he was … what he says like anyone else in sports or in the entertainment industry carries weight, but part of the blame also falls at the feet of those in this case ESPN …like they didn’t know he was loose lip? Let’s see how another Network handles him and for how long before he …shoots off his mouth again.

      3. Dennis Rodman still likes to cross dress and is a fervent supporter of Kim Jong Un (leader ) North Korea . The North Korean leader spends more money arming the military than he does on the infrastructure of the country and the well-being of the population .

        Your point while being well taken , Curt Schilling is a blatant misogynistic @-hole . ESPN remains a bastion of sexist hypocrisy , but then again the parent company’s founder (Walt Disney) was an avowed racist . So what else needs to be said on the issue ?

        Schilling and his business partners defrauded the state of Rhode Island of out tens of millions of dollars and the state itself. has failed to recoup any of that money . Yet the former ML star blames others for his lack of business acumen and his company folding (bankruptcy ) , because of mistimed and idiotic decisions made by himself and his business partners. Furthermore his idiotic rant aimed at John Smoltz after the Braves’ player was inducted into the Hall of Fame , shows Curt Schilling to be an immature imbecile .

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