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SmallThoughts: Rant of the Week…Chris Colabello

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Ummm OK I am not understand how a world class athlete who earns a living with his body , not know what he is taking in his body. Chris Colabello is the latest to be exposed and suspended for PED use, he didn’t deny it was in his body , he wonders out loud how though.

Chris Colabello who was suspended 80 games by Major League Baseball last week after testing positive for dehydrochlormethyltestosterone, an anabolic steroid more commonly known as DHCMT or turinabol. 

“I’ve never called into question the science. That’s not my intent,” Colabello says. “There’s no denying that my urine sample had this DHCMT-M4 metabolite in it. I don’t deny that.

Colabello’s failed test came in March and he wasn’t suspended until last week following an appeal in which he was allowed to present evidence on his behalf. He couldn’t present another reason the steroid was found in his system, so MLB suspended him. 

A doctor who said the chances inadvertently ingested DHCMT are “highly unlikely.” Partially, because the drug is only available on the black market. So there’s almost no way it could have been accidentally mixed in something in a factory or accidentally put in a soap or shampoo.

“They found a trace amount of metabolite in my urine stream. And that’s the only thing I know for a fact. I don’t know where it came from. I’m still trying to figure out how it got there. It’s all I can do.”

On the day he was tested:

“I went in for pitchers’ and catchers’ physicals, knowing that there was a drug test and knowing that I had nothing to hide,” Colabello says. “I made the choice to go in five days early because, why wouldn’t I? There’s nothing for me to worry about. I don’t hide things. I don’t have to.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more shocked, panicked and confused in my life. Literally the most gut-wrenching phone call you can imagine,” Colabello says. “Short of anything bad happening to my family, like death and illness in the family, this is literally the worst thing that anybody could do to me.”

Ok so a doctor says it’s a black market drug which if it is true says a lot about Colabello’s character, this I don’t know how it happened sounds fishy especially given that this is not an over the counter drugs so did you get it directly off the black market or did someone in your inner circle get it for you and you are pleading ignorance? Which is it? in either case we as fans get jaded to this …we heard this all before just the names are different. But as always give it time and the full story will come out and we will know just more about the Toronto Blue Jay Chris Colabello.


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