Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…Phil Jackson

This week’s rant could have gone in a different direction like Sam Bradford and his pouting or Matt Harvey’s struggles but instead this week rant is on Phil Jackson. Up to now we have resisted the urge to unload on the Zen Master for his aloofness when it comes to hiring a coach for the Knicks. It’s not like it’s for lack of available possibilities for the next head coach of the Knicks…Top of my list was Tom Thibodeau even though it would have been an odd fit since he doesn’t do the Triangle ..Thibs would have been the best coach for the Knicks for the foreseeable future and would have made them a viable contender instead Jackson did nothing. OK …Luke Walton who should have been in the running for coach of the Year not Steve Kerr ended up getting the Laker job even though Jackson likes Walton. Again Jackson did nothing. Former Rockets coach Kevin Mc Hale could have been an interesting choice and again Jackson did nothing, I would have passed on George Karl, yet Jackson did not bring in former Golden Stare Warrior coach Mark Jackson for a chat nor the former franchise center Patrick Ewing. Instead he is said to be considering …David Blatt and Kurt Rambis …really??? Please not Rambis … 65-164 career and 9-19 with the Knicks. I saw enough during this season to confirm what I suspected all along Rambis isn’t headcoaching material for a team looking to get above 500 and be a playoff contender. He is awful and that’s being kind and yet because he is Phil’s pal and love the triangle he could have the interim tag removed and become the next Knick head coach. Ugh! Phil come on man don’t do that to us. Frank Vogel just got fired in Indiana go speak to him swallow your pride and talk to Jeff Van Gundy bring him back home… just don’t make Rambis the full time coach. If that’s the case come coach the team yourself at least the pretense will be gone. I am not even going off the rails like some in the media for going on a cross country vacation while during a coaching search why? Because in the real world businessmen have been known to do the same thing. Interview people for a position and then make them wait while they go on vacation extending the process. But it is the time before he left is what is concerning because he had a opportuinity to strike first and early and put a strong coach in place and he did nothing. For once this isn’t something you put at the feet of James Dolan, this is Jackson and Jackson alone , it’s his call and so far he has done nothing to make this team better from a coaching standpoint than when the season ended.Time to stop wasting time Phil and get on with hiring a strong coach for the Knicks not a triangle guy or a guy I know but a strong coach who up the level of play and maybe attract a free agent or two that will come here. After all you were bought here to turn this franchise around and so far other than spend 122 million on Carmelo Anthony and draft Kristaps Porzingis you have done nothing to improve the team and now e could be looking at Kurt Rambis as head coach??? No not good enough!

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18 thoughts on “Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…Phil Jackson

  1. How about Larry Bird firing Frank Vogel ? Vogel took the Indiana Pacers to the playoffs five times during the six seasons he coached the franchise . Please tell me you have an opinion concerning that firing ?

    Phil Jackson lets his ego get in the way of better judgment , as he doesn’t like to be told, he’s in the wrong . The original hiring of Derek Fisher was a joke to begin with ! You don’t need to be rocket scientist to figure it out or to offer up any explanation why it just didn’t make sense . Kurt Rambis ….OMG ! Rambis in his nut-huggers from his playing days provided more laughter than his coaching career ever did.

    If David Blatt fell out of favor with LeBron James what do you think would happen at the first sign of dissent between he and Carmelo Anthony ? Phil Jackson needs to get a clue because one thing is abundantly clear he is no front office executive because he has never put together winning product on a basketball court. . The credit for the success for that should be going to the likes of Jerry Krause and Jerry West. Fans in general as well the media hacks (idiots) who seem all knowledgeable concerning the NBA apparently have forgotten that very fact.

    The Atlanta Braves’ current record is something that has me now wondering, how it is team President John Schuerholz is still wondering , when would be the right time to fire Fredi Gonzalez ? Perhaps if Schuerholz just he spoke with a soothsayer he might be little more clued in or even consult with Snow White’s fabled mirror he might be given the right answer ? ” Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all and should I fire Fredi Gonzalez after-all “ ? The mirror’s response might be …. ” Of course you should moron ! Have you not looked at the team lately and yourself ” ?

    1. actually …I think Freddi G is going to get fired sooner than later especially if the fans in ATL start making noise …they knew this team was going to be bad in fact this past week they made moves on their roster to shake things up as it were . If they keep losing Freddie G will be gone for sure. As for Vogel …Bird was a better player than executive…why fire a guy how gets the most out of its roster especially when his star player went down 2 seasons ago? Unless he has another great coach in mind??? I agree it was West and Krause that built the Lakers and Bulls not Jackson and the fact that he had Shaq Kobe Michael and Pipen didn’t hurt. One thing about the triangle he thinks it was the reason he won …the Bulls and Lakers won in spite of in fact Kobe and Michael hated the triangle Michael often said can you believe this ….

    2. By the way if Jackson had a smarts right now he should hire Vogel and let him coach his way not that triangle mess. And the biggest issue with the knicks wasn’t offense it was defense …couldn’t guard against the pick and roll.

      1. Phil Jackson should have hired Tom Thibodeau when he became available . Now Thibodeau has a dual role (Head Coach & Head of Basketball Operations) with the Timberwolves and I expect him to turn things around rather quickly .

      2. Agreed…I stated that at the beginning of my post should have…ego be dammed but chief triangle thinks he knows better

  2. If the front office of the Braves are more concerned with franchise’s impending move to their new ballpark , Sun Trust Park in 2017 than they are about putting a winning product on the field , then it clearly shows John Schuerholz and GM John Coppolella haven’t got a damn clue . Attendance for their games have been falling precipitously over the last eight years and in that time , their decline into mediocrity has been rapid, Only two postseason appearances during the past five years .

  3. Every professional sports’ franchise if they can , will also seek to ‘con’ the public out of their good hard earned money in order to pay for those monstrosities (ballpark) , if they can’t finance the venues themselves. $2,6 billion was fast-tracked by the city of New York to pay for both venues of the Mets and Yankees. In Miami, it was another $600 million and both cities have very acute budgetary woes , but you would be hard pressed to hear the fans much less the cities’ leaders acknowledge that very fact .

    1. Miami got fleeced by the Marlins plain and simple. Mets did pony up some of their own money as well as the Yankees it helped that the Yankees are a brand

    2. Shea Stadium had been around since cell 64 with no newness to it and wasn’t rebuilt so a new place was I. Order and while Yankee Stadium was remodeled I. 76 it saw better days as far as structure goes.

  4. The only time anyone shows up at Marlins Ballpark, is for a rock or rap concert being held at the venue. Nice stadium , but baseball at the MLB level is a bust within the state, because all of the franchises (Marlins and Rays) have continued to suck over the past ten years.

    Baseball only works within the state of Florida during Spring Training. Regular season attendance levels for the Marlins and Rays over the last ten years have been indicative of that very fact.

  5. Phil Jackson needs a tuning fork to play the Triangle (instrument) . The system won’t work in today’s game , especially against more athletic teams . Do you honestly believe it (Triangle Offense) could work against teams such as the San Antonio Spurs or the Golden State Warriors given what you have seen by both teams during this last regular season and during the current NBA Playoffs ? Phil needs to take up a more conducive hobby , like ‘ tuning up ‘ Jeanie Buss and make all of her instruments sound harmonic and unison. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

  6. I live in Central Florida just over sixty miles from Tropicana Field in St Petersburg . The fan base are as clueless as the local media hacks . All they seemed to be concerned about, is spending taxes (public financing) on a new venue for a franchise , where their whining owner Stuart Sternberg continually criticizes both the city of Tampa , St Petersburg and both county governments Hillsborough and Pinellas County) for not providing the franchise with financial backing for a new ballpark. Both cities have been laying off first responders and teachers in order to stave off financial ruin.

    Stuart Sternberg made his money as a commodity broker, but his business acumen as the owner of the Rays has been a complete bust.

    The Rays’ franchise can’t even raise $30 million to be put into escrow, to even meet a goodwill obligation (gesture) towards to the financing of a new ballpark. What does that tell you about the Tampa Bay Rays as a franchise ?

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