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Memo To Bryce Harper…Calm it Down

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MLB reviewing Harper's confrontation with ump after ejectionMLB reviewing Harper's confrontation with ump after ejection

I love Baseball it’s my favorite sport despite of all it’s issues and there are plenty of them but I like watching players who play hard. I have no problem with that Pete Rose played hard, George Brett played hard, notable examples of players ho played hard , Lou Pinella was feisty as a player. But since when does Bryce Harper thinks it’s ok to F Bomb and ump when he was already ejected and on top of everything else hasn’t been around the game long enough to get the benefit of the doubt with a seasoned umpire?

I like watching Bryce Harper, and I understand he plays hard and passion fuels his play but…he really needs to calm it down with the umpires, it hurts his team and it hurts himself especially in light of Monday nights ejecting against the Tigers in D.C. It hurts his team because they will be without their best player for a few games depending on what MLB deems a punishment for Harper’s behavior. It hurts him for two reasons one it shows his disrespect for authority and yes folks the umps are the authority during the game and you don’t have to like the call made by the ump but to say F bomb to him when you were not even supposed to be even near the dugout never mind on the field at the end of the game screams disrespect. It hurts Harper because now umps will have a quick hook for him the minute he comes close to showing up an ump , he won’t get the benefit of the doubt on a close call and the public perception is he is a cry baby.

So Memo to Bryce …Calm it down …

Baseball is a grind 162 game grind and if you are this intense now you have nothing left in the tank for later when your team needs you most. I am not say don’t play hard …please play hard but have some self control about yourself. If you were to go to youtube and punch up Bryce Harper ejected you get a list of videos seeing him ejected time after time.

That’s not something you should be proud about. Maybe it’s immaturity on Harper’s part after all he is only 23 years old so maybe he will grow out of it but for now…Calm it down



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