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Hey Bryce Take the Suspension …You earned it

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It didn’t take long for Major League Baseball to suspend Bryce harper for his F bomb at the end of the Nationals – Tigers game earlier this week when Harper was ejected for arguing balls and strikes then when the Nationals won the game with a walk off homerun , Harper was seen running on to the field then turned to the umpire who ejected him and scream the F Bomb at the umpire. Harper knew after the game it was going to be trouble for himself but didn’t seem too worried about what was to come …

“I was pretty upset,” Harper said. “I think I was right to do that. Let him hear what I have to say, let him hear it again, and so what?”

Harper didn’t seem too concerned about a possible fine at the time either.

“I’ll pay it,” Harper said. “Maybe he’ll get fined, too.”

The problem is he knows he earned that fine and suspension yet he has appealed it. For what ??? Hey Harper take the suspension have a seat and calm it down. This has been an on going battle with Harper he clashes with everyone around him remember his battle with Jonathan Papalbon ? There comes a point where he has to grow up and stop with the rage and fury . Again Harper take a seat for a game and calm it down.






  1. Once again , there is no accountability within a sport . where on both sides. where we know there to be no actual leadership . The MLB league hierarchy continues to be a joke and so too is MLBPA ( union) .

    Bryce Harper’s behavior was petulant and that of a spoiled child . He still lacks maturity and as always, there will be some idiot seeking to appease in his support , by saying he’s still young. If Harper can’t show maturity and leadership now , then there is no reason to believe that he ever will.

    • bklynboy59 says:

      I was willing to say he is young if he was willing to accept the suspension but once he appealed all bets are off, spoiled brat and this isn;t just as he has arrived in the majors this has been his pattern since college.

      • Succinct and to the point , as you suggested , there has been a pattern of behavior with Bryce Harper , ever since he played at the Collegiate Level , which has now followed him into the Majors. It sets the wrong tone for the kids watching these stars at the professional level , no matter how talented they are. I am sick and tired of professional sports where the athletes are not willing to accept responsibility for their repugnant behavior .

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