Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week Jeff Horneacek

Phil Jackson finally hired a coach, was the hire the best hire no …Tom Thibeadeux would have been the best and right hire but I suspect egos would have been clashing from the moment a deal was struck until one of them was shown the door, but Jackson made a good hire with Horneacek. Why? He has some coaching experience as opposed to Derek Fisher who had none and the fact that Horneacek is from the Jerry Sloan coaching tree having played for Sloan in Utah. Was this what Knick fans looking for? No. But as I told a friend at least he isn’t Kurt Rambis. This should make a certain player happy (Carmelo Anthony) As for his time in Phoenix he showed he can coach to his roster , let’s see what Jackson can surround Horneacek with and then see how he coaches but as for now …it’s better than Rambis.


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2 thoughts on “Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week Jeff Horneacek

    1. Horneacek’s record…well at least he has a record unlike Fisher who had no record and no style or feel for the job will at least give the Knicks a fighting chance as long as Phil let’s the coach do his job. I never understood the Knicks disconnect with Patrick Ewing.

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