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Dantoni to Blast off with Rockets

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Mike D'Antoni spent the past season as an assistant coach with the 76ers. (AP)

When Mike Dantoni was out as Laker coach …I thought we saw the last of him and his 7 seconds or less offense that he used in Phoenix, tried to use in New York, couldn’t make work in Los Angeles but yet will get another chance in Houston. He will get a 4 year 16 million dollar deal with the Houston Rockets. Figure this move will help James Harden and hurt Dwight Howard who has the chance to opt out of his contract with the Rockets . Considering the history between Howard and Dantoni  with their time in L.A. it’s fair to reason Howard will opt out and be moving on to another time…but then again we are talking Dwight Howard who has shown the ability to make strange moves.



  1. Asha says:

    I am afraid I know not of one person mentioned here, Jerry. I presume it’s to do with sports again since you blog on sports.

    I am not at all a sports person. Forgive the ignorance, will you?

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