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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week…Matt Harvey

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The numbers are staggering for someone who is considered the ace of his staff…3 wins 7 loses 44 strikeouts 17 walks and a whooping E.R.A. of 6.08. If this was 5th starter you shrug and go oh well and say what do you expect? But this is the Dark Knight Matt Harvey, man about town …and yet it isn’t the pounding he is taking on the field it is the not being a stand up guy after the game and the disappearing that is more baffling. Of course the New York media couldn’t wait to get their claws out on Harvey  some have called him a coward,, and one has went as far as calling a Phony. These are rough times to be sure for Matt Harvey but it isn’t the rough times that matter it is how you handle them that matter. So one piece of advice to Matt Harvey, while you are trying to locate your pitching be that stand up guy like Derek Jeter was when he was with the Yankees learn the art of answering the questions good bad and ugly. Learn the art of saying something and nothing at the same time, it worked for 20 years with Jeter and very seldom did anyone rip Jeter for it. But dodging the media only is going to flame the perception of the spoiled catered to star that he is currently.






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