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Smallthoughts: Rave of the Week …Daniel Murphy

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New York Mets v Washington Nationals

The Met fan in me doesn’t want to give him his due, but to be fair I guess I have to. Daniel Murphy is having quite a time down in D.C. showing that his playoff hitting wasn’t a fluke. But he is hitting 100 points above his career average of 294. (Murphy is hitting 394 this season so far) So what am I to make of Daniel Murphy? Is he turning the corner and becoming the second coming of Wade Boggs or is this just a mirage ? and he will revert back to form and hit to the back of his baseball card?

The most homeruns he has hit in his career is 14 and he has 7 already 2 against his former team the New York Mets. So far this season Murphy is hitting 394 with 7 homeruns 30 Runs Batted In and 26 Runs scored. In this past week against his former team …6 games 23 at bats Murphy had 10 hits 2 homers 6 Runs batted In. It is a short sample size to be sure. There are 13 more games between the Mets and the Nationals which means Murphy will be able to add to his totals against his former team or they will figure out how to get him out.Look I saw enough of the bad fielding, bad baserunning  to make me feel it was time to move on, and apparently the Mets felt the same trading for Neil Walker. It remains to be seen how all of this will play out but for now Murphy has a new lease on life and it shows in his hitting.


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