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Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…Evander Holyfield

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If this is your first time checking out this site welcome to Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday…where we spotlight athletes from the past both distant and not so distant. My only rules to Smallthoughts: Old school Tuesday are we feature at least two athletes (in some case will see three and even four are spotlighted) and that the athletes that are spotlighted are retired and since Boxers have a tendency to retire and unretired we kind of wait a little while before spotlighted their career, but in this case we are reasonably sure Evander Holyfield will stay retired. And this week we will spotlight Evander Holyfield who Boxing titles in the Cruiserweight and Heavyweight Divisions.

Holyfield is best remembered for his battles with George Foreman, Riddick Bowe and Mike Tyson, and it was Tyson in their rematch in 1997 who bit part of Holyfield’s ear off which disqualified Tyson and helped Holyfield retain his Heavyweight Title.

During this reign as champion, he also avenged his loss to Michael Moorer, when he stopped him in eight rounds to reclaim the IBF title.

In 1999 he faced Lennox Lewis in a unification bout for the undisputed WBA, WBC, IBF and lineal titles, which ended in a controversial split draw. Holyfield was defeated in a rematch eight months later. The following year, he won a unanimous decision over John Ruiz for the vacant WBA title, becoming the first boxer in history to win a version of the heavyweight title four times. Holyfield lost a rematch against Ruiz seven months later and faced him for the third time in a draw.

Holyfield retired in 2014, and is ranked number 77 on The Ring’s list of 100 greatest punchers of all time. BoxingScene also ranked him the greatest cruiserweight of all time.

Holyfield retired with 57 fights in his career he won 44 lost 29 by Knock out lost 10 with 2 draws (or ties) and 1 no contest.

Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday spotlights …Evander Real Deal Holyfield.





  1. Asha Seth says:

    Super! Now this makes so much sense. And reading your post made me look up Evander’s history. Has career has been greatly fascinating.

  2. A sport which has gone downhill real fast in terms of the heavyweight division. There hasn’t been an undisputed champion within the division in over a decade.

  3. Too many bodies preside over the sport and there still remains a great deal of corruption within their hierarchies. Though we have seen the growth of the UFC over the past decade and a half , What MMA does know to do far better than the sport of boxing , has been able to market their bouts and broaden their fan base to where they now have a legion of female fans as well as well known female combatants within the sport.

    The same cannot be said for the sport of boxing on any level. The appeal is not even there even at the amateur level as presided over by USBA . I really doubt there will be a great deal of interest in Olympic Boxing Tournament in Rio (2016) !

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