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The Rematch LeBron Wanted Now he Got it…

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It must be June because the NBA Finals is about to start. For those following along for the first time , this is a 7 game series to decide the championship . This features two teams the Cleveland Cavaliers led  by LeBron James and the Golden State Warriors led by the reigning Most Valuable Player (MVP) Steph Curry. The Golden State Warriors are the reigning champions. They overcame a 3 games to 1 disadvantage against the Oklahoma City Thunder to advance to the NBA Finals. The Warriors won 73 regular season games in a 82 game season so yes they are that good. The Cavaliers had a much easier road to get to the Finals this season they sweep or won 4 games with no defeats in two serirs to get here and the last series they played  while it had moments that made you wonder  they managed to get here to the Finals. Lebron is motivated to win a another title but Steph Curry is looking to make this back to back titles in back to back years.

For Lebron James this is his 6th NBA Finals his second with the Cavaliers after 4 with the Miami Heat. He has won 2 NBA Titles in a career that is far from done and yet already many wonder about his legacy what if he wins another title where does that rate him, if he loses again what does that say about his legacy? Lebron is what you get when you cross Magic Johnson with Wilt Chamberlin…talent wise a hybrid …one that is supposed to dominate and yet when he does it doesn’t seem as if it is enough. Lebron has been to the NBA Finals the last five years in a row this year makes 6 so in a sense isn’t that dominating? Yet it doesn’t seem like it is enough when you consider he has won only twice in the 5 years before this year. Lebron came back to Cleveland for one purpose to win a championship for the city of Cleveland getting to the Finals isn’t good enough now the hard part …he has to win!

Steph Curry has no such pressure, he is playing with house money, he has already won last season and the team won 73 games out of 82 games this season, he is the league’s Most Valuable Player for the second year in a row and while there is pressure to win it is nothing like the pressure that Lebron is under to win. This is going to be a tough series that could either way, some will make a case for the Cavaliers to win some will say the Warriors. The key to the series for me will be Kevin Love and J.R.Smith if they show up on both ends of the floor and shut down Klay Thompson , Draymon Green and Steph Curry they will win…easier said than done…plus the Cavaliers have to beat the Warriors twice in Oakland not an easy task …ask the Thunder about that.

So what do I think? Warriors in 7 if you win 73 games it doesn’t llok good not to win the championship.


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