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Game 1 goes to the Warriors …

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If  I told you that combined Klay Thompson and Steph Curry would score 20 points and that Shaun Livingston would score 20 by himself, you would have thought the Cavaliers would have won the game going away right? Nope …here are game 1 highlights



  1. No real surprise other than the margin of victory in game one. If the Warriors can keep this up they will sweep the Cavs or take the series in five games. Cleveland is a poor team defensively and they have no depth on their bench at all. It will be the main reason they are likely to lose this series .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      I have said all along it tough trying to beat the Warriors at home. OKC did it once but in a seven game series you are not beating Golden State twice in their building. And Thompson and Curry didn’t show up and they still won. Cars are in trouble

  2. More than in trouble, as they are in way over their depth . If they lose , we are going to hear a whole lot of excuses from the LeBron apologist’s as well as from the player himself . We saw a really immature side James when he was somewhat critical of Curry being named the unanimous League MVP. Tells me a great deal about the player !

    What are your thoughts surrounding the death of Pelicans’ player Bryce DeJean-Jones ? Tragic to say the very least.

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