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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week… Ichiro Suzuki

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For the record I have nothing against Ichiro, however let’s stop with this notion that he passed Pete Rose in career hits. Pete Rose is Major League Baseball’s all time hits leader with 4,256 hits. Of Ichiro’s hits 1,278 came in Japan so those hits doesn’t carry over to the Major Leagues. Let’s do the math if Ichiro has 1,278 hits in Japan that don’t count then if you subtract 4257 from 1,278 Ichiro has 2,979 hits in Major League Baseball. He is 21 hits short of the 3000 hits milestone. When he reaches 3000 hits then I can see MLB celebrating that milestone not this 4257 when 1,278 came in Japan.

If that is the case why not add all the Japanese stats of all the players that come from Japan. Here is one example…Hideki Matusi played for the New York Yankees from 2003 to 2009 and played for several teams from 2009 to 2012 in the major leagues. His career stats for his time in MLB is 175 homeruns 760 Runs Batted In and a 282 Batting Average. If MLB wants to recognize Ichiro for his combined stats in Japan and here then Matusi should get the same treatment. Matusi had 332 homeruns 889 Runs Batted In and a 304 average. If you added Matusi’s homeruns together here and Japan combined he would be 27th on the all time homerun list with 507 3 in from of Eddie Murray. So the point is why make an exception with Ichiro ?

If MLB did their research they would have wanted for Ichiro to get 21 more hits … and recognize him for 3000 hits in Major League Baseball and would have been correct but to recognize him for 4257 hits when 1,278 were in Japan is wrong.

.Ichiro acknowledges the crowd after hit 4,257th hit. (Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)

Ichiro acknowledges the crowd after hit 4,257th hit.



  1. Ichiro’s career has been amazing , but you are correct, the hits’ record amassed is not the record noted among the MLB statistics and recognized by Elias Stats’ Bureau. If the Japanese veteran plays another six seasons , then it is it likely he will pass Pete Rose’s record.

    Your thoughts on the Rockies designating Jose Reyes for assignment, while still owing him $40 million on the remainder of his contract ?

  2. Asha Seth says:

    Another sportsperson I learnt about today. Nice post, Jerry.

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