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Knicks traded for Derrick Rose …Was that a Smart Trade ?

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Derrick Rose shoots over the man he was traded for. (Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

My first reaction to this trade was when I heard it a week ago when it was just a rumor …don’t do it please! My reaction early yesterday when I received texts from two friends of mine when the story first broke ….NOOOOOOOOOO

It’s not that I dislike Derrick Rose …I don’t! But he isn’t the same player he was when he won the league MVP in 2011. And he is only 27 and already a shell of what he once was. Injuries took away his explosiveness. Which at this point make him a big 21 million risk for the Knicks. And they continued a disturbing trend they do often …trade a young player before we know what he really is. The Knicks always look for a point guard and have been since they traded Walt Clyde Frazier to Cleveland in 1977. Since then the list has been long and varied we have seen Stephon Marbury, Maurice Cheeks near the end of his career, we have seen Chris Childs and Charlie Ward, current Clippers coach Doc Rivers, Derek Harper and these were the ones that were decent to good then there was the ones that were drafted that could be the answer at the point like…now ex Knick …Jerian Grant. The Knicks eat their young, look at their draft picks since 2000 most have been misses many of them were traded within two years of being drafted by the Knicks. Carmelo Anthony became a knick in part because the Knicks traded Danillo  Gallinari and Wilson Chandler to the Nuggets to get Carmelo Anthony. As soon as the drafted players show any kind of promise…off they go to somewhere else making you wonder why? So with the inclusion of Jerian Grant in this trade for Derrick Rose my question is why bother to try to trade in to the draft if all you are going to do is trade away your young to get a player removed from his best days due to injuries? If the Knicks made this trade without putting Grant in it I would be ok with the deal , Rose has one year left not 3 so if it doesn’t work out he is gone at the end of the season anyway, and it wouldn’t cost as much as surrendering a young player or draft picks . To Jackson’s credit he did get a draft pick back in the deal which bodes well for the future in 2017 and he picked up in the deal Justin Holiday. Will he be a rotation player for the Knicks? That remains to be seen. In the past few years the Knicks have trade  Iman Shumpert, Tim Hardaway Jr. and now Jerian Grant …it’s a good thing Porzingis came in ground running otherwise he might be traded too. Ok maybe that’s a bit too much on the negative side but as a Knick fan you see where I am going with this.

The more I read up on this trade and the more time that goes by I might have to reverse field and wait until we see what the Knicks are after the offseason, not look at this trade as a finished product. Let’s wait and see what kind of team Jackson builds off this trade. The difference between the Knicks and the Spurs is the Spurs didn’t make a trade like this …the Knicks did. Usually the Knicks get a player before their prime and trade them away or they trade for them when like Amare Stoudimre or Derrick Rose when they are not what they once was… so was this a smart trade by the Knicks?


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