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NBA Landscape Changes again as Kevin Durant goes to The Golden State Warriors

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If you are a Oklahoma City Thunder fan this is the day basketball died for you,. You had both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook on your team which means you had every reason to believe you were a title contender. With one decision it changed everything for OKC and for the warriors and everyone else in the NBA. It bought out the worse in some like Stephen A Smith who went ballistic on fellow sportscaster Chris Brousard. See the video below for that rant.

What the Durant signing with the Warriors does is re affirm the Super Teams are in play more than ever. It got me thinking could you picture Magic and Bird opting out to hook together or Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley playing on one team. Of course not why? Because all of them were competitors looking to beat each other , these players are competitors in the same sense , the rules are different and they are working the rules to form super teams and make the most money they can get as soon as they can get. The key word for all of them is …opt- out. It works for LeBron it will work for Durant . Could you imagine Bird , Magic or Jordan opting out to make money like this ? The players are business men who wear shorts and sneakers, getting paid is first winning is a close second so if they can do both at the same time …why not? Unless you are the fan base like Oklahoma City who losing a star like Kevin Durant.  It’s not like Durant is going to a bad team , The Golden state warriors won 73 games an all time best single season record for wins and was one win away from winning back to back titles , would the Warriors have gone after Durant if they had won the title this season? Hard to say. But there is no mistaken all the pressure is squarely on them right now. They are the favorites to win the NBA Title next season , no excuses and no whining about one ball and 5 players …all have to share the rock.

Does Durant make the Warriors better? Hard to imagine they getting better from 73 wins to what 75 wins ? He is still in the cutthroat Western Conference with San Antonio, the Cliipers , The Rockets and the Mavericks . First round match ups get dicey out west and you can get tripped by lesser teams so the pressure is on the Warriors . But no  matter how much we complain about it the landscape has changed again and the money being tossed around is nothing compared to next season when Durant can get 32 million per … Insane!



  1. There has been a seismic shift and the San Andreas Fault Line was immediately repaired because of this move ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Oklahoma City Thunder GM Sam Presti must be wondering what he now has to do to win back over the hearts and minds of the franchise’s fans . They allowed James Harden to go without getting anything in return and now Kevin Durant ? What the hell is going on inside the front offices of the NBA teams nowadays ?

  2. Karma is a b#tch and in many respects, when the Seattle Supersonics left Seattle to relocate to Oklahoma City , with the league hierarchy lying to the Seattle city officials , you simply knew it’d be only a matter of time before things came full circle. Former NBA Commissioner David Stern , the Thunder ownership duped the fans , the city’s officials with duplicitous lies and deceit.

    The Oklahoma City Thunder let James Harden go, because the issue was allegedly money , which was a crock to begin with. Now they allow the same thing to happen again , with their not trying hard enough to persuade Kevin Durant to stay.

    Golden State has one of the best ran organizations in the entire NBA , second only to the front office of the San Antonio Spurs.

    • bklynboy59 says:

      And who runs things in Golden State? None other than Jerry West who knows greatness knows how to get players to either come play for him or knows how to draft players well. Think about this Michael Jordan gets everyone to wear his sneakers, including current players but no players are lining up to play for his team yet West made a well place call to Kevin Durant and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. So gangster. The NBA Logo has real power.

      • Jordan is the consummate businessman , but inept as a front office executive. It is also the same with Phil Jackson and his continued murky reign with the Knicks.

        The options for Kevin Durant were limited. Yet, it made sense to join the Warriors . As for that moron, Stephen A Smith , the constant whining little priss that he is and claims that Durant is a bandwagon jumper. Perhaps his dumb @ss, forgot how LeBron won his first two NBA titles ? Smith has spent far too much time brown-nosing, that his tongue might well be able to lick James’ testes as well as last last meal . Smith remains a LeBron James’ apologist , with little insight into the game from an intelligent standpoint.

        The Cavaliers will be in for some serious financial woes this upcoming season and for the next two years, because of the luxury tax and the fact , they will have to pay $1.50 for every $ they are over the salary cap . which will be in excess of $100 million for this upcoming season.

      • bklynboy59 says:

        All true points except about the knicks.lol

      • My issue with the Knicks remains the pain and suffering their fans are willing to endure ! I mean Phil Jackson is now beginning to make Isiah Thomas seem like a damn genius when it comes to front office decision-making .

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Disagree with you completely. One the Knicks have Melo on their roster with a no trade so you can’t gut the team Noone will show up during a rebuilding process. Two he didn’t push the Knicks in to cap hell like Isiah Thomas did and you have cap space for next year when Rose comes off the books and you can make a serious run for Westbrook in 2017

      • Can the Knicks’ fans continue to endure such incompetence and still make their inane excuses ? Isiah Thomas by comparison is now beginning to look like a damn genius when compared to many of the idiotic decision-making by Phil Jackson. To think both of these individuals held the same position within the Knicks organization ?

      • bklynboy59 says:

        Giving Jerome James a big time contract was smart? Trading and extending Eddy Curry was smart?Marbury is a star in China and couldn’t cut it here if you want to say Rose is a risk fine…but he is a one deal…Noah is healthy and there were teams looking at him yet he blew them off to come home,he is from Queens and the Lee signing made sense when you consider teams ran back the Knicks backcourt as if we’re standing still. Jackson didn’t give away draft picks in fact he picked up a second pick for next year. So let’s see how this comes together. Thomas trade draft picks that could have helped the Knicks his best draft pick was Trevor Arizona. Nate Robinson won a slam dunk and is now trying to make it as football player for Seattle. Channing Frye…is a role player for LeBron and the Cavanaugh and David Lee Mr double double is a man without a team and has done anything to distinguish himself his whole career. Thomas put the k inks in cap hell Jackson has cap space for next year to make a real run at Russell Westbrook. Are we sure we want to compare the two?

  3. Let me pose this question to you? Since the introduction of the luxury tax in the NBA how much money do you believe has been turned over by the New York Knicks to the NBA hierarchy ? How have the Knicks themselves fared from doing this , with nothing tangible to show at all ? And you’re stating there should be no real comparison . just because ‘melo remains on the roster ? Carmelo Anthony remains a one-dimensional player completely lacking in leadership .

    The New York Knicks continue to make the idiotic mistakes, because there is no one within the front office with an ounce common sense , in spite of the alleged experience. James Dolan remains an embarrassment as an owner , with the IQ of a lump of coal. .

    Joe Lacob , Peter Guber and Peter Holt could walk rings around , blow bubbles out of their collective noses , without breaking sweat and still make James Dolan look like a damn moron and a proverbial @ss . .

    • bklynboy59 says:

      Wrong so wrong…look across the borough the Nets are in worse shape than the Knicks. Nets owner has done anything but make a mess he has no picks and he would have had at least the 2 or 3 pick this year but the Celtics have for Garnet and pierce.They are not going be good in fact they are going to be a lottery team with no picks …but Dolan is an idiot? Dolan isn’t alone in that boat there are a few idiot owners in the NBA and I just gave you an example of one. As for Melo he is a scorer plain and simple there aren’t many two way players in the NBA so to rip on him doesn’t make sense because there are plenty of players that are one dimensional….the next time Steph Curry does a defensive stop on his man will be the first. And he is the league mvp. Most of the money the Knicks spent on the luxury tax was during the Isiah Thomas error. Donnie Walsh gutted the team of all of thomas mistakes and drafted and signed players similar to what Jackson is doing now. The Knicks at one point were a young scrappy bunch until Dolan fell in love with Melo…which goes to prove if you try to rebuild in New York….you’re not going to be able to pull it off because the owner, the fans and the media become ansty and want sizzle and stars . By the w7how the rebuilding going in LA where they have dysfunctional ownership equal to Dolan? And Dallas is right up there with Cuban…spend spend and has nothing to show for it recently.

      • The Nets have always been a joke , even when Bruce Ratner owned the team . Jigga got there and they were still a joke. Mikhail Prokhorov has lost over $200 million on his investment and is now eager to sell the team , but keep hold of the Barclay Center and the adjacent properties . Ripping ‘melo doesn’t make sense ? Really ? When has he ever shown leadership on the team , much less provide guidance to the younger players ?

        Donnie Walsh gutted the team and what were they replaced with ? What is Phil Jackson doing now ? I guess the Fisher hire worked out well ? Now you have Jeff Hornacek ? Hornacek’s record is a joke and lacks credibility. Lakers under Mitch Kupchak has always been about show and glitz ,,. Not much else beyond that .

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