Smallthoughts: This is the ERA of the Super Teams

If this week has taught us anything in NBA free agency is that the ERA of the Super team is alive and well and shows no slowing down as every free agent to be Superstar finds himself looking for a stacked deck on which to play on. The Furor of Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City for the promise of multiple titles in Oakland, California has everyone looking at from all kinds of crazy angles but we all miss one thing…the players call the shots, they decide where and with whom they wish to play with.

The thought and process of a Super team meaning super star players getting together on one team of their choosing isn’t something just started with Kevin Durant and the Golden state Warriors , the current Era of this started in 2010 with Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh joining forces in Miami. Kevin Durant going to the Warriors is more of a continuing trend. Players switch teams all the time so what makes this different? The Golden State Warriors were an already complete team , they won a championship last year at this time, it wasn’t like they were one player away…and Durant was the missing piece. So leaving a team he spent his whole career on for a team that beat him on the way to the NBA finals this season raised eyebrows all around. Once a upon a time general managers tried to put together very strong teams through trades and draft picks. The Lakers in the 80’s had a version of a super team Kareem, Magic, Worthy, Michael Cooper, Bob Mc Adoo who was MVP in 1975 and a 3 time NBA scoring champion was now playing on the Lakers (1981-1985) the difference? The general manager  put together the team, now the player call all the shots, Owners can’t complain about loyalty anymore…Dwyane Wade played his whole career in Miami and when it came time to pay…The Heat said no until he got serious and got real offers only then did the Heat step up theirs. During this week of free agency owners were tossing money around on players I never heard of and had to look them up Wikipedia. While the fans in Oklahoma City are upset about Kevin Durant leaving for California gold, you wonder how upset would they be if somehow Russell Westbrook resigned with the Thunder and he brought along a few superstar friends with him to OKC.

This is what the NBA has become and it doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. It is really a players league and they are calling the shots and the fans as usual are left with a empty feeling of investing an emotional attachment for players who see dollar signs the minute the option is there for them to leave. But take heart dear fan if your team isn’t a super team yet …maybe it will soon, your star player brings other star players especially super star players top 5 players and …who knows you ‘ll have your own super team at another fan base expense …just ask Oklahoma City .

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3 thoughts on “Smallthoughts: This is the ERA of the Super Teams

  1. Would say the San Antonio Spurs’ roster which won their last title was a super team or simply just a team ? Also bear in mind , for seventeen consecutive seasons the Spurs have made it to the NBA Playoffs with five title wins and just one loss in the Finals during the time-span in question.

    Free agency hasn’t created a level playing field , much less anything remotely associated with great team rivalries or player rivalries . There is nothing now comparable to the great rivalries of the past , especially along the lines of the Celtics vs Lakers . This league (NBA) has become more style of over substance and in many ways it’s comparable to the idiocy of what we see happening in the political arena .

      1. Yet it’s under-appreciated , because the league has become too enamored about its super-stars rather than its teams. This is the monster created , jointly by David Stern and his successor Adam Silver .

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