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Tim Duncan : All He Did Was Win…Quietly

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Tim Duncan won five NBA titles and two league MVPs in his 19-year career. (AP)

Kobe Bryant announced his retirement before the season started and got the season long retirement tour and with that was the debate as to where he ranks among the all time greats of the game. Tim Duncan through the Spurs quietly stepped away from the game he played well enough that he was called the greatest power forward in the history of the game…go ahead argue that one if you will. Just remember Tim Duncan never said that about himself. Others around him made noise…not Duncan.

He was called “The Big Fundamental” by Shaq. He was fundamentally sound on the court. Not flashy, not in your face mugging for the cameras, not a coach killer, all he did was lead by example for 19 years . All he and the San Antonio Spurs for 19 seasons was win …in his 19 years the Spurs made the playoffs …19 years. It’s cause for celebration when a franchise can make the playoffs 2 years in a row…try 19 straight seasons, 5 NBA Titles and two League  MVPs (2002, 2003) 3 NBA Finals MVPs (1999,2003, 2005) 15 time All star NBA All star MVP in 2000. Get the picture with Tim Duncan ? The quiet giant let his play do the talking and his accomplishments did the rest. No body shot bank shots anymore since maybe Jo Jo White …Tim Duncan did. I am going to miss watch Duncan play, we just watched the last of a true old school professional who did his job with little fan fare, didn’t make noise and let his play do the talking. He is going to be missed.


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