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Smallthoughts: Old School Tuesday …Mike Piazza

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In light of his recent induction into Baseball’s Hall of Fame, Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday is very happy to repost Smallthoughts:Old School Tuesday…Mike Piazza. Congratulations Mike Piazza for your Hall Of Fame induction.


Piazza the DodgerPiazzaPiazza the MetPiazza Mets

The Most popular Met in History is Tom Seaver , Mike Piazza is second a very close second maybe even first if you were not old enough to see Seaver. That’s how good Mike Piazza was. Seaver was an Met who came up through the Met farm system, Piazza was acquired in a trade from the then Florida Marlins (now Miami Marlins)who got Piazza in a trade from the Los Angeles Dodgers. If any one had any doubt that Piazza was going to fit in New York …Trust me I wasn’t among the doubters. He was made for the big stage and New York was as big of a stage as there was.

A 12-time All-Star, Piazza has been described as the best offensive catcher of all time, and holds the record for home runs hit by a catcher (396), with a career total of 427.Piazza has a career slash…

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