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SmallThoughts: Finally Made it to Citifield…And the Game was …Postponed!

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I was so looking forward to going to the new stadium , it was personal bucket list thing that I can now check off . I was excited with the prospect of going to Citifield. It was my first time there Monday night July 25.

I have been to what used to be Shea Stadium plenty of times, I often refer to it as my home away from home. I went to Shea Stadium as a kid, teenager and as a  adult I even took my kids there. But Citifield ? That was different. Just to clue you in for those of you readers who are here for the first time. Shea Stadium used to be the home of the New York Mets. Back in 2009 that changed. On the same lot as Shea Stadium The New York Mets built the stadium that is now known as Citifield. So this was my first time there in the building since it was built in 2009.

My first impression was and is ….it’s beautiful , it is very nice and very cozy . We had good seat and you can see everything. The food was good as well…Sausage with onions and peppers were really good. My wife, my sister and my brother in law as well as myself had a good time at the game except for one thing …the game was postponed due to thunderstorms…in the area. And of course after they called the game the rain subsided and we got to see a pretty rainbow and yet no game …bummer. On the plus side we had a good time , good food  good seats and…we get to come back as a raincheck to the game at a later time . Below are pictures from the game that wasn’t.

There used to be a statue of Jackie Robinson in the rotunda, but after a lot of fan protest (he had no connection to the Mets history ) they replace the statue with his uniform number (42)which is retired all across baseball as a lasting tribute to Jackie Robinson the first african American to play major league baseball in 1947.




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