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Mets Were Buyers at the Trade Deadline but was it the Right Moves?

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It’s high stakes time for the team in Queens, it’s a win now team meaning it’s built to be a contender now, so with that in mind the Mets made a deal for now and for next season in getting Jay Bruce to play where else? The outfield. The outfield is a mess too bad this isn’t softball where you can play four guys and get away with it. So for now you Alexjandro DeAza, Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, Curtis Granderson, Justin Ruggiano, Juan Lagares, Yoenis Cespedes and finally …the newly acquired Jay Bruce.  The trade for Bruce did nothing to unclog the outfield and took away depth at your middle infield by surrendering Dilson Herrera who was supposed to be your long term plan at second base, which is why in part I had no problem with Daniel Murphy leaving for DC to play for the Washington Nationals. Getting Niese back didn’t make them better it just means Met fans can shift their anger from Antonio Bastardo to Niese if he doesn’t pitch well in his return back to the Mets.

Niese has some fense mending to do back in Queens, he took some subtle shots at the team when he was traded to Pittsburgh back in December for Neil Walker …“I’m sure what I’ll appreciate more than anything is the way (the Pirates) play defense. I’m looking forward to that,” Niese told Pirates writers. So it will be interesting to see Niese reaction to his defense now …especially with all the outfielders I previously mentioned. As for the Bruce deal here are the words of Mets general manager Sandy Alderson:

“All we can do is try to acquire as many good players as we can to put ourselves in a position to maybe have that magic again,” general manager Sandy Alderson said. “Somebody like Jay Bruce can be a catalyst for more productive performance out of the other players that we have.”

“We always feel that at the trade deadline we need to do everything we can to try and improve the team if the team is in the position to compete,” Alderson said.

You can only play 3 outfielders at one time and then you have to figure out who sits…so right now you know two spots are a given in the newly acquired Jay Bruce and Yoenis Cespedes now from here it gets crazy because your best outfielder is hurt for a while in Lagares , Cespedes is playing hurt and only wants t play leftfield to reduce the chance of further injury so…who plays centerfield? Granderson ? Nope he is not a centerfielder actually he isn’t a rightfielder either. Okay if this was me managing the team before the Jay Bruce trade …Granderson would be in left Lagares would be in centerfield and Cespedes would play in Right. Conforto would stay in the minors as well as Nimmo Deaza would be my fourth outfield but based on how he played the first half of the season he won’t be on the team.then at that point one of the young outfielders would take his place .but now the mets have more outfielders than spots for them to play and Terry Col;lins doesn’t make it better by trying to play Conforto and Granderson out of position in centerfield. Kind of like the Mets trying to hide Todd Hundley in leftfield after they traded for Mike Piazza in 1998.That did not work out well.  Bruce will help the Mets offense and will get it much needed power but it only further complicates an already crowded outfield, too bad sandy didn’t have a plan to unclog the outfield. Well he has the rest of the this season to figure which pieces fit for next season .



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