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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …New York Yankees

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NEW YORK, NY - JULY 22: Alex Rodriguez #13 of the New York Yankees reacts after lining out to left in the second inning against the San Francisco Giants at Yankee Stadium on July 22, 2016 in the Bronx borough of New York City. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Ever since Alex Rodriquez was outed in the Biogensis scandal back in 2013 the Yankees have had an awkward and contentious relationship with the player known as A-Rod. They couldn’t get put of his contract then and now well …you wonder if they at least considering doing just that now.

I am not a Alex Rodriquez fan …far from it. But the Yankees treatment of A-Rod is cheesy to say the least. The Yankees played the New York Mets last night and pitching for the Mets was Bartolo  Colon. Alex Rodriquez has always hit well off of Colon to the point that he as the expression goes…owns him(Colon) so the Yankees who haven’t played Rodriquez much lately could have used this as a chance to play A-Rod.Instead when the game started A-Rod was sitting on the bench and didn’t play. Question to the Yankees if he doesn’t play against someone hits well then when does he play, and if he doesn’t play, then what is he doing on your team? The lack of playing time for A-Rod has promoted the media to speculate on whether the Yankees plan to release Alex Rodeiquez from his contract.  As of the this moment the Yankees claim that they have no plans to release A-Rod. Here are the words of Yankee general Manager Brian Cashman:

“First and foremost, you just have to flat-out admit, it is not easy to eat — meaning release — that kind of money . . . It’s not something you come to a quick decision on. You see players — and I don’t want to name them because they are still playing — but there are players around the game who are on big contracts that have been well-below-average players now for many years, not just a year. Alex hit 33 home runs, I believe, last year. This is a bigger media market and more attention, and there is certainly a tempest about what should be done. All I can tell you is, slow down a little bit and here is the counterarguments: There is a very large financial commitment through next year on a player of Alex’s caliber that was productive as early last year.”

The Yankees worried about money? Really ??Since when? Over the course of 10 season in Yankee pinstripe they paid A-Rod as much if not more then it cost to help third world countries and yet the Yankees are worried about paying the rest of his contract this year and next? If you are that worried then play the man, if he stinks fine, if he hits and plays well fine, play him. You the Yankees are paying millions of dollars, for a guy who isn’t playing and it appears you have no intention of playing anytime soon especially against a pitcher he owns so…why exactly are you keeping on the team?



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