Smallthoughts: Alex Rodriquez and the Yankees Deserve the Mess they Made…Together

The Yankees and Alex Rodriquez called a press conference on Sunday at 11 am to announce? That Alex Rodriquez is going to make Friday his last day on the job as a Yankee player then is going to be a special advisor for the 2017 season. That is what they said. Now let’s take a look behind the act that they put on fir the cameras. This was not A-Rod’s decision. He said as much when asked who approached who about this whole idea of ending his career …Hal Steinbrenner was the answer. So the Yankees decided finally stop making A-Rod twist in the wind  good for them. But let’s not make A-Rod a victim here , both of them created this mess and tried to find a way to clean this up so both parties can save face. Plain and simple.

Let’s tell the truth here …Ever since the biogenesis scandal came out and Alex Rodriquez was  busted in that scandal the Yankees have been trying to get out from under his contract. The fact that he lied and sued everyone that challenged him including Major League Baseball in regards to his use of steroids did not endear him to the Yankees. They were embarrassed , plain and simple, his steroid use was not news to them …they knew from when he first joined the Yankees in 2004 so why are they embarrassed now ? Because he lied and make such a public display going on Mike Francesa’s radio show on WFAN in New York and said plainly that he didn’t do steroids and that he is clean and the truth will come out.

It sure did come out …only after he couldn’t fight the year’s suspension, only whe his legal bills kept mounting only when he had nowhere else to turn or any one else to sue …only then did he fess up to actually use performance enhancing drugs. Egg on face. Both the Yankees and A-Rod had egg on face.  The Yankees tied themselves to A-Rod ..he was supposed to be clean on his march to breaking Barry Bonds record which is also suspect (but that is another argument for another day and time)He and the Yankees were going to use his home run march as marketing his march toward immortality his buss in the monuments in centerfield among the greats to ever don the hallowed Yankee pinstripes. Instead he is tainted many of not all of his home runs from at least his first season in Texas if you go by his admission until the biogenesis scandal broke in 2013 are tainted.

He had to sit out the entire 2014 season then came back at age 40 and hit 33 home runs and yet no one found that a little puzzling how he was able to do that coming off the suspension two hip replacement surgeries and yet hit like he did in his heyday ? Yet fans and media alike fawned over his “comeback” how he had changed and made amends for his “mistakes” really? Which leads us to Sunday…was this a retirement? Nope! He wasn’t going to leave 20 plus million dollars on the table no matter how much he claims he love the game of Baseball and how much he loves being a Yankee. The Yankees wanted no part of Alex Rodriquez anymore and they couldn’t get him to settle for less than what his contract says he should be paid and they didn’t want a fight with the union on it, so the Yankees had no choice but to name him a special advisor …wink wink simply because they are no longer going to waste a roster spot for someone they plan on not playing and cutting serves the same purpose …they have to pay a huge chunk of 20 plus million dollars anyway so why pay him to play for someone else so they came uo with the special advisor for 2017. Can you see him being a special advisor beyond 2017? I can’t. Once that last check is cleared and the Yankees are no longer on the hook to pay Alex Rodriquez do you really think he will still be a special advisor ? Oh he is good with young players, he is a great teammate…so where were these recommendations when he was suing MLB , what players step forward to speak up for A-Rod?

The fact that his announcement came on the heels of Mark Texeiria ‘s retirement announcement , couldn’t have been lost on anyone else. They couldn’t let Tex have his moment completely? What was the rush to make this announcement ?This couldn’t have waited another day or two.? It was already obvious he wasn’t going to be playing for the Yankees the rest of this season. Now we hear how he rates as one of the greatest players of all time and how he is just an awesome talent, really? How is that? He is a liar a suspended liar and a cheater with a tainted record so how do we know how awesome he is when he played under the influence of steroids? No he should even be mention in any Hall of Fame conversation, no he should have his Yankee number retired and no he should not have his plaque out in the monuments not now not for a long time to come.

But hey the Yankees knew all this when they dealt with him. Yet they signed on for all of the circus he bought to town, not just the past 3 seasons but for his entire time in pinstripes. No sympathy for the Yankees on this ending of A-Rod’s career , They created this mess together, both were knew what they were doing now they both are trying to put a happy face on it and hope no one notices how ridiculous this whole thing is.




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