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Smallthoughts: What’s Going on with the New York Mets?

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They are the 2015 National League Champs, which means they were good enough to get to the World Series last season. That also means everyone will and has marked them on the schedule as the team to beat this season. By that I mean every team will get up to play the Mets to prove themselves against the Champs. The only thing that every team gets worked up more for is the team that wins it all …in this case the Kansas City Royals …the 2015 World Champs. That said …explain to me why with all the pitching the Mets have are they trending water just above 500? losing to the Diamondbacks is inexcusable at this point in the seas0n . The Diamondbacks stink, they are 20 games below 500, yet here they were running wild on the Mets like thieves that received an invitation to a bank with the vault wide open . Can they  the Mets finally throw runners out please?  Can the pitchers especially Stephen Matz and Noah Syndergaard actually hold runners on so that they at least know it will be at least a challenge to run on them? Can they please hit with runners in scoring position? Those are things that are on the players, they have to atone for that. No excuses . You can’t lose to a team like Arizona they are awful come on you have to play better be better than that.

The Next thing is on Terry Collins, please explain what is Collins deal with Jerry Blevins? Why does he feel the need to run him out that in the 7th inning , when you need a strike out? On Sunday against the Tigers Degrom had bases loaded 2 outs and you could make a case to get him out a batter sooner than later but…why go to Blevins in that spot? Addison Reed has been pitching great all year let him get the put and pitch him in the 8th inning. And what is this franchise’s love affair with Logan Verrett ? He is 1-5 with an E.R.A.( Earn Run Average) of nearly 6 why is he even on the team?????he barely makes it to the 4th inning which means if he starts you blow out your bullpen, which other than Addison Reed and Jeurys Familia is nothing to write home about.Until he got hot the past month Alexnadro DeAza should have been sent packing too but like I said he finally got hot and at least shows some life, but the outfield has never been settled all year other than Jay Bruce who came from the Reds in a big trade on July 31st the outfield is a game to game mess with Collins not having a clue on who to play and where. When he was healthy Juan LaGares sat and he is your best outfielder. Curtis Granderson profiles as a leftfielder and he is in centerfield, Michael Conforto who profiles as a corner outfielder (either left or rightfield) is being put in centerfield when Granderson sits and the team’s star Cespedes when healthy was in both leftfield and centerfield, they Shuttle Brandon Nimmo up and down between the big club and the minors this is a complete mess and Collins doesn’t help matters.IF a player is hot he sits …ask Wilmer Flores about that move. All of this leads to the man in charge …

Sandy Alderson the team’s General Manager some of his moves are head scratchers like not building your bullpen better , this has been a sore spot for Alderson during his time with the Mets , for whatever reason he can’t seem to get the right mix of pitchers for the 6 and 7th inning. He struck pay dirt with Addison Reed but not much else. I can’t kill for letting Daniel Murphy walk , did anyone believe he was a MVP in the making ? Did any one really think he would reinvent himself as a hitter and that his post season was that start of something or just a notorious steak hitter peaking at the right time? Time will tell if Dilson Herrera is as good as the Mets thought he could be or was he overhyped? Next year in Cincinnati will bear watching if gets to play and he does well Met fans may not like the Jay Bruce trade. But the real issue going forward is will Yoenis Cespedes opt out as often rumored …if he does do you see Sandy or Ownership poning up the money to keep Cespedes in Met orange and blue? And if so how does that play with the young pitchers that are going to be due their money in the year or two to come?

The infield is just as unsettled as the outfield with David Wright injured and no way to tell if he will even be back next year, same as Lucas Duda. At least Sandy is willing to look into keeping Neil Walker now will it be at second or maybe switch him to third base next season as insurance for David Wright ? They need to decide on where to play Wilmer Flores , I think his best position that he seems most comfortable is second base.  Do you bring James Loney back? Or will they toy with the idea of handing Michael Conforto a first baseman’s mitt ?See what I mean so many unsettled answers about this team and yet out of all the craziness they are only a game or two out of the wildcard spot for the playoffs…so this is the chance to make a real run, if not I don’t except…Terry Collins back. The stress of the season is wearing on him you can see it and being the hunted isn’t as much fun as doing the hunting like last season when they crepted up on Washington. His decision making has no rhyme or reason and recently his failure to challenge a call against the Detroit Tigers got him a earful from his boss Sandy Alderson so things are getting hotter for Collins. If he doesn’t make the postseason or is an early exit out…someone else will be managing the team.

It time for the team in Queens to make a run 2 more against the Diamondbacks 3 against the San Diego Padres…no excuses get it done !


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