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Smallthoughts:Rant of the Week …Alex Rodriquez and the New York Yankees

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Please Can we stop with the pity party for Alex Rodriquez? Let’s stop with the idea that Yankee manager Joe Girardi is the bad guy by not playing him more or that his remark about not in his job description to be apart of a farewell tour was off base. Everyone missed the point. This treatment was if you believe in what goes around comes around …he treated the Yankees, Baseball the sport he claims to love and the fans with such disdain when he lied not once but several time throughout his career about his steroid use. He lied years ago to Katie Couric remember that? then finally he said he did it in Texas because he felt the pressure to live up that contract (10 years 250 million). Then more recently he went to his one friend in the media Mike Francesa and swore he never used steroids …said he would fight this most recent charge of steroid use and the truth will come out. Well guess what ? He sued Major League Baseball and everyone else that dared said that he did fail a drug test , whe he couldn’t sue anyone else when he didn’t win his lawsuits ran up huge legal fees, then and only then did he agree to serve the 1 year suspension and admit to using steroids again. He lied to his employer the New York Yankees, when he should have come clean with them. Instead the Yankees could not wait to get out from under his contract which at the time had 3 years and 60 million dollars left coming to him. He treated them with disrespect and now everyone wonders why the Yankees treat him in kind? Maybe they are carrying this a bit too far but come on, you didn’t think what goes around comes around wasn’t going to manifest it self at some point on his way out the door?

Alex Rodriquez is not a victim , he created the mess he is in now he has to live with it, No Pity party ! He choose the path he is own time to man up and take it in stride.


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