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Smallthoughts: Rant of the Week …Tim Tebow

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Give Tim Tebow credit for one thing …trying to reinvent himself but is this just a matter of just getting attention any kind of attention as long as it is attention?

I got a text from a friend of mine who thought it was crazy that the Mets signed Tim Tebow to a minor league deal. I have to admit at first I rolled my eyes and said yep here we  go again, the media hype and all the craziness that comes with everything being Tim Tebow. Then I started thinking it’s a no lose deal for the Mets if he stinks he’s never coming to the big club if he is good then you have to make space for him and the crazy hype coming you’re way. The problem isn’t with the Mets because the issue I have is the same issue I see whether he signed with the Mets , the Braves or anyone else …he hasn’t played Baseball regularly  since high school.

Tebow is starting from scratch going to the instructional league make no mistake about it.

No disrespect to Football, Hockey and Basketball, but Baseball is a difficult sport to play when you play regularly and you are in a certain rhythm, there is a timing that you need to have and you only get that playing regularly not once in awhile or once a decade.  After striking out in the NFL, the sport that he starred in college, now he is going to try a harder sport in some respects than the one that no one seemed to be interested in signing him to play anymore, maybe it’s me but I think he is kidding himself if he thinks he is somehow going to will himself into a big league career at this late date.  The question to Tim Tebow …if this doesn’t work out what then ? Do you go back to calling college games and realize that your playing career whether it’s in football or baseball is done?


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